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    Peru; Chased by police

    , 03-24-2017 at 03:58 AM (508 Views)
    This was last night. Bed 10 pm. Watched The Town movie, where bank robbers have a shootout with police in riot gear.

    Long and detailed. Took 2x300 alpha gpc.
    So I'm in a building with others. Trying to escape. Get to a huge room, size of a hangar. We are high up. Looking down, the room continues to the left. Blood on the walls. It's some kind of a killing room and same was suppose to happen to us. Long heavy chains are hanging by the walls from the ceiling. I'm thinking if I could climb up, swing the chain, grab another one, all the way to the exit. But they are too far from each other.

    Someone comes and opens locked door, let's us continue escaping. Going through corridors and rooms. Now in a residential house with group of escapees. We have a long way ahead of us. I'm looking through cabinets to find survival gear. Finding clothes, plastic forks, tupperware, items for personal hygiene. Packing them all. We see police in riot gear sneaking around the house. Watching them through the window blinds. Then I hear my mom yelling outside the window if I am there. I get out through another window and meet up with her. Now some people from my original group walk by. I tell them to watch out for police car on the corner, so we turn and walk other way.

    This was a couple of days ago.

    I'm In Peru on a group tour. Walking through some caves. Guide tells us about artifacts that can be found. We look, and sure enough, there are silver colored rings in the ground. Some are only half berried, some found after some digging. I pick some up, but then I leave them. I don't know why we were able to find them and what's the catch. When we are leaving, one male tourist says "will pay for these copies" . It made me think that guides put them there for groups and then they make them pay for it.

    Another scene - going on a fast boat across a large lake. Water is very muddy and turbulent. Lots of strong currents, large waves. I'm thinking which way I would swim to the shore if we capsized.

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    1. LittleMouse's Avatar
      hey that first part: 'Blood on the walls. It's some kind of a killing room and same was suppose to happen to us. Long heavy chains are hanging by the walls from the ceiling.' brought back a memory of one of my repetitive dreams about being caught by a serial killer. In this particular version, I was tied up hanging by a chain and the room is like the one you described...
      gab likes this.
    2. gab's Avatar
      Oh wow, sorry if it brought back bad memories. Do you feel bad in your dreams like that? I rarely do and most of the time I know it's just a game and no matter what, I will not be harmed.
    3. LittleMouse's Avatar
      Aw, hey that's ok! You don't have anything to apologize for! Usually those dreams are pure panic and fear, for me anyway. Also I am always someone else. Too much Criminal Minds!