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    Police chase - nonLD; WILD+2 LDs nap

    , 04-20-2013 at 04:19 PM (189 Views)
    Saturday 4/20/13

    last night bed 1:30am - 8am

    Had a few dreams about being chased by police. There ia about 4 of us. We are trying to escape from a house, where we did some bad things. We are going up and down the ladder. Then outside, it's late evening, dark. I'm crouching and walking to a corner to hide in a dark shaddow. As we go by a window, I hear a dog from inside of the house. A little puppy comes to where I'm hiding, but doesn't start barking. Police are walking nearby, looking for us. (Was watching manhunt for the Boston marathon bomber all day yesterday IWL)

    This wasn't a fun chase dream I normally get. There was something sinister about me. I did something bad.

    NAP: around 8:45am -12pm

    Started getting vibrations while on back, got up to turn of sound on laptop and layed down on left side.

    WILD: Suddenly I'm looking at my laptop screen and I see there is a new registered member. I can read everything very well. I think, that this is a great time to prove that I was seeing through my closed eyelids. So I wanna open my eyes and look at the screen to prove, that what I saw was real in WL. But I can't open my eyes. I realize, I'm sleeping and dreaming. I think to myself, well, if I'm dreaming, I may as well get up, because then I'm lucid. (IWL, I have been watching new registrations pretty closely. If you reading this venn99, it's becasue of you. Thank you for getting me lucid)

    I get out of the window and start walking through the backyard in my parents house. There is a toll column made out of concrete bricks with two openings. I keep telling myself "I'm dreaming" and I'm confident I can keep my awareness, but I lose it suddenly.

    LD1: Probably a DEILD. I get a headrush and hear someone dusting bedsheets few feet away, which turns into a chain saw soound right next to my head. I keep telling myself "I'm not scared, no matter what you do". And I really am not scared. Again, I'm getting out some window, this time it has consistency of liquid glass, but I still get out. I jump out of the kitchen balcony on first floor. As I'm falling fastand enjoing this awesome roller coaster feeling in my stomach, I'm determined to hit the ground and see what happens. But just before I hit, I get the smallest thought not to, although I still want to, but I switch direction and few inches above ground start flying paralel to the ground.

    LD2: Not sure what type of LD this was. Wow, I even forgot, what it was about. I didn't get up after, just replayed it im my mind with words and went back to sleep hoping for moar. Oh, I just remembered. I was trying to summon Linkzelda. But someone else walked in through the door at fast pace.
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    1. NyxCC's Avatar
      Wow! Another police chase, sorry it was unpleasant! But gab, perhaps you should stop breaking the law in your dreams
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