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    Random DILD - finally

    , 05-12-2019 at 03:18 AM (427 Views)
    Last night, bed at 8 pm - 4am

    I'm talking to someone sitting on my left, when I say "wait a minute, something...." And I start counting my fingers. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,... there is more of them, and some are getting longer. I know I'm dreaming and I'm happy to have recognized this sensation again. I remember my past "realizations".

    1. I'm walking at night, yelling out loud "look how it's bright, there is sun..."and similar, to make night change into day. No luck.
    2. As I'm walking, I see a yellow full moon on my left. I'm surprised, because everytime I look for it, I can't find it, or it disappears. I decide to fly there, as I always want to, but I'm really going anywhere. Flying, or just hovering. I stop trying.
    3. I yell out loud some mantras, which I can't remember now.
    4. I wanted to do something, so I decide to pull my eye out, like in one of the older tasks of the month. I lift my hand, get to my eye, but I get grossed out and change my mind. I pull on my cheek instead. It stretches and it doesn't feel good. Im satisfied that I did something.
    5. Lots of sex at the end.
    6. I'm laying down, watching my dream continue on a black and white, old TV. Knowing, that my lucidity is over.


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