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    Remote writing; Azerbaijan

    , 11-12-2018 at 04:49 PM (479 Views)
    2 night ago I had an awesome dream.

    I was looking at some papers which I just finished writing on. I knew I was remote writing.

    They were at least 3 distinct styles and types of writing.

    One looked like a letter, with beautiful handwriting, small, slanted to the right letters. All uniform, same size, cursive.

    Another one looked like a page from an encyclopedia. With serif typeface that was printed, rather than hand written. It was complete with images, and description of images.Topic was something about languages or grammar. I saw the name of a male author, which I didn't recognize.

    Last one was a page with beautiful drawings I recognized as chinese style, but they were distinct. Golden and black inn color. It was maybe animals.

    Last night:
    I was with a group, on our last day of a trip to Azerbaijan. We were deciding if we want to stay at the resort, where I just discovered a spectacular looking beach. I was taking pictures of it with my iphone. Or, if we want to spend last day in the town to shop for souvenirs, and be closer to mode of transportation which will take us from there.

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