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    Rocky Lake, Texas/Libya

    , 01-14-2018 at 06:35 AM (393 Views)
    I'm standing ankle deep in a beautiful, alien looking lake. It's warm, so shallow, that water looks white. I zoom in on many sailboats and speedboats, and people swimming and having fun. I'm talking to someone, when I decide to walk further in to the lake to see bigger part of it. I can see the distant shores.

    The lake is white, very tranquil and inviting. The low hills surrounding the lake are very rocky. Huge boulders, nicely shaped by wind and water. Some are standing and balancing on other huge boulders. Makes you wonder how they don't fall over. The colors are a bit washed out by the distance, but I can make out colors of deep reds, yellows and, well, desert like colors. Oh, I have a feeling we are in Texas. We went there for a wedding. But then when we talk about coming there again later, we realize it's not gonna be that easy, because this could also by Libya.

    I love dreams with water, beautiful vistas. And this was one of them. Thank you, subC!

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    Tags: libya, texas, water