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    Secret agent

    , 05-13-2018 at 02:16 PM (313 Views)
    Very long and detailed dream. Didn't write it down when I woke up from it at night, just retold it to myself with words.

    I'm something like a guest in this huge house. I'm walking through it, trying to get someplace. I meet a house owner half way through and I tell him jokingly, that everytime I walk through, I see rooms I have never seen before. And I see new rooms even on the way back. It's a maze. Finding all kinds of rooms. All very nice, clean, very nicely furnished and decorated, all different. When I was talking to the owner, he was about to walk into his room. It had a huge, very nice wooden door of darker color. Old looking, like on a castle. It opened not at the edge, but swung open in the middle, like a secret door. But it was only made to look like that. Small part of the wall right next to it was glass. Super modern classy, l was impressed. He closed the door a bit while talking to me, so I don't see inside. I recognized him as this gorgeous actor.

    It was time to leave and my partner and I went out to valet underground garage. It was for secret agents. They showed us an old looking box car, like UPS truck. Asked us if we want that as a getaway car. We said nope. So they got us this super sleek ride. I think it was yellow and it had two seats like in a fighter jet. He sat in the back and told me to sit in the front, I'll be steering, he will be pushing the pedals. Boy, it took me forever to squeeze into that tiny seat. But I did it and I was wondering if there will be steering sticks or a wheel.

    Pretty good feeling from this dream, especially from the house. And the end was surprising.

    Thank you, subC!
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    Tags: house, rooms


    1. naturespirit's Avatar
      Cool ending! It's amazing what ideas and plots our subconscious can generate, is it not?