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    Started B-100 complex, 3 very long, very detailed dreams

    , 11-16-2011 at 09:30 PM (491 Views)
    Today I started taking B-100 complex with 100 mg of B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, and 100mcg B12 and B7.

    I had three really long, really detailed and somewhat more vivid dreams. But didn't come even close to an LD. Dreams were so detailed, that I didn't even write down everything, because I felt like I could go writing forever.

    Took B-complex around 2pm.
    Went to bed at 10:30pm, woke up at 3am from dream #1. Went BTB at 3:40.

    Dream 1.
    I'm in Slovakia, talking to a friend somewhere outdoors, like in a field. There is more people around us, probably classmates. Teacher is telling us, that next day we are going by bus to either recite or sing for someone. We are at this time pioneers (in communist countries, these were kids in uniforms with red bandanas in shape of a triangle tied around necks). Our act should help to do or prevent something much bigger that is suppose to happen in Europe. I see a map of Europe, with some tall, skinny, black structures, that have something to do with energy. They need 1500 of us.

    On a trip - we are on a field and we watch an old man flying by on his bicycle with wings. Looks like its a routine for him, he is commuting home from work. I have a feeling we are seeing future. Then, three more people fly higher up. I yell "Good luck" in English to a girl with purple hair.

    - in a large building, like the Jedi Temple in Star Wars battlefront 2. I see couple of men of importance on top of stairs talking about some scheme, how stuff is not what it seems and I get a bad feeling, it's against us.

    -I'm standing with a friend in a different building, next to the window. Walls are light green and white. We are on a 2 or 3 floor. Waiting for something. Somebody walks by and tells us, that the thing we wanted to do, we have to do it now. I know he is talking about escape. I grab my friend by shoulder and we ran. There will be like three "stages" we have to exit from to get out. I usually have good feeling and fun and I enjoy being chased, but not this time. There is something ominous about this place.

    First "stage".
    We have to get out of a rocky courtyard, that's in a back of a building.

    Second "stage".
    Mental institution. We get cornered by employees in white, it's the same building as the one where we were waiting by the window, light green walls and white tiles on the walls, chrome instruments. There is a black lady, I feel like I know her, either a classmate or an actress IRL. We cry to her, telling they will kill us if she doesn't let us go. She doesn't want to, but finally opens a door by pushing a button on an instrument panel. It's almost too late. We ran cautiously through corridors, trying to avoid a group of people, look like monks, that are walking in formation somewhere in corridors and they scare a living daylight out of me. We almost run into them but friend of mine notices them and we change direction.

    "Stage" three.
    Looks like a mining facility in Red Faction video game, especially the part, where the mining carts or a conveyor belt is up in the air transporting ore. We see one woman in white t-shirt on this broken up conveyor belt, trying to escape. Suddenly one cart turns on it's axes and she falls to her death. I feel like we are shown this as a warning.

    Dream 2. Woke up from it at 5:33am.
    I woke up after this dream but felt like I'll remember it when I wake up, so I didn;t write it down at night. I repeated some keywords to myself.

    I'm in a room, like a modern tavern. Feels like I'm in a future or on another planet, some kind of a mining facility. This is a rec room for workers. There is a girl playing a game that looks like wheel on Price is Right on IRL TV. She spins and twice she gets a Ten and another Ten (in English).

    Then I see in same fashion as Price is Right, big wheel with each "window" representing a dream. There is a picture and a title for a dream. I pick "Adventures of oil driller". I can read the title. It's in English.

    Immediately I'm a patrol men in jeep at night in a city. Looks like a city I grow up in. Couple streets from us is someone disturbing peace. We pursue them. It's a group of kids on bicycles. We decide to arrest the ones in red shirts, because we could not arrest all of them. When we get there, most of them had calmed down, but three of them are still riding in a circle while being loud. I start to arrest one kid in red shirt, but my partner tells me to let him be and get the ones still on bikes. I made them pick up their mess - water bottles and lots of trash, papers.

    Suddenly I'm standing outside the big arched gate. My partner is coming towards me. There is a big wind, that turns into black, swirling, not too tall tornado. I can feel it being strong. My partner doesn't see it, as it is coming from the side, from behind him. I yell at him "Tornado" in English, but he can't hear me.

    Dream 3.
    I worked as a babysitter for a new family. Nice young couple. They left for the evening and I watched over their kids. Kids are sleeping and I walk outside. I bump into a mailman. I don't even know, there is a mailbox, but there is a note, that I have delivery, but she didn't find me home. We laugh and she pulls out the delivery for me. She sais, someone had sent me money. $ 8864. We are both surprised at a large amount. She shows me a paper and I notice on it who is the sender. It's a woman from my previous job. The mailman is little reluctant to give me that large amount of money, but when I tell her what it's for - I see on a paper that it's for a website maintenance (in English, handwritten), she starts to give me the money. She gives me about $100. Some are in really old US banknotes - dark green, pretty looking, smaller than current bills. Some are in Slovak promissory notes, that are light blue and dark blue, like an old czechoslovak 20 KCS bill. This has a very nice picture of Bratislava castle on it. I have to go inside to get my documents so she can give me rest of the money. The youngest girls is still asleep, but two boys - one belongs to the family and his cousin, are watching TV. I want it in normal currency and she has no problem with it.

    This family is suppose to come for a visit in Slovakia to the house my parents still live in IRL. So I'm looking out the window and see a car that looks like it's theirs - silver SUV. I want to put on jeans, but realize, I'm already wearing them. Suddenly there is a young woman with short hair standing in the door to the kitchen. It turns out, she is a family we have not seen in a long time, maybe never, and she now lives in Washington, DC. We had a conversation in Slovak, where she lives and that I live in LA. She was telling me something really fast, like instructions, and I tried to write it down, but in three big notebooks I could not find empty space. Then she went someplace on a bus and I asked her if she is coming back for a chat. Friend that was with her asked me which phone number to call me. I have a feeling that this dream had continued after I went back to sleep.

    I'm not sure, if I have the energy for such a long and detailed dreams. But I'll give it another try. Will buy Choline today and take that too. Hoping for an LD tonight.

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