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    Strangest dream

    , 02-02-2018 at 03:49 AM (360 Views)
    Last night

    I'm standing at my childhood room's window. Looking outside, over our yard. The skies are getting darker, clouds are gathering. I briefly see my mom trying to get back home from work on her bike and I kinda know she is either gonna make it, or wait it out at work. But that thought is fleeting, it's not complete.

    There is more and more clouds, like when you watch them gather before a storm. I call my younger brother to look, and the boy sitting on my bed, eating candy we got from a friend (my WL friend got me candy from his trip that day), didn't come to look. There is only a bit of light coming from the left, everything else is very dark grey. Not pitch black, but you still can't see anything. It's complete still, not a sound, no wind.

    I sit down on the bed, thinking about turning on the lights, but I know it's not a good idea. Everything outside it quiet. Nobody else is putting their lights on, and nobody has the TV on. We don't know what is happening, we should watch the TV to learn, but I know it's too late. We don't want to attract whatever that is by our lights.

    I don't formulate the thought, but I somehow know it's an alien invasion. They are already in the house. I don't see them, but I know. I reach to my side to grab my brother's hand so we at least have each other, and even before I touch his hand, I know it's not my brother, but an alien. The hand I grab is way too small for a human hand, and much more skinnier.

    I just sit there, knowing it's too late.

    Major UPDATE:
    Watching TV just now and seeing a whiskey glass with liquid in it gave me an instant memory of how this alien dream above started.

    Three of us are sitting in my room. I'm with back to my window, 1 boy is on the bed and second one is opposite of him. A low coffee table is between us. I'm watching some clear glasses with liquid in them. The liquid starts to slowly move to one side, then the other. As if you tilted the glass. Only nobody is touching it. I realize that something near has a huge gravitational pull on the liquid, which is stronger than our Earth's pull. Something like a black hole, or a huge alien ship. That's when I get the first bad feeling of something bad coming our way. Then I looked out the window... The rest is above.

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