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    summoning my aura for healing

    , 03-03-2012 at 07:57 AM (267 Views)
    2/2/2012 GM 4mg + Choline at 5:55am
    WBTB 5:40 - 6:20am
    I had the intent to have a healing dream, or go to a healing place, or self-heal my aura.
    WILD #11
    I'm on a street next to a bombed out building in a war zone. I ran into a building and start running up the stairs, as I'm being chased. At the same time I start to recite the mantra to summon my aura. My eyes get covered by my hand. I can only see underneath my palm and some slivers of light through my fingers. I end up in a brightly lit room. I look around and I'm very surprised, that I don't see my aura. I'm worried my dream will end, so I quickly wish to be taken to a healing place. I find myself at the hospital reception and a nurse welcomes me.

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