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    Super modern city

    , 08-16-2018 at 03:57 PM (710 Views)
    I was in this very modern, futuristic looking city or resort. Have a feeling it was in Middle East, Saudi Arabia, Dubai...

    It kinda looked like Dubai with all super tall buildings made from glass. All shiny, clean. I walked out on a balcony, realizing it's miles above the ocean, the floor is glass, and there is not much of a railing around. I dropped to the ground and backed out on all four, scared. Haha.

    I wanted to do something good, so I went to look for someone bad. I found a guy trying to take hostages or something. I took a grenade away from him and threw it out the window just in time. Interesting thing is, that I don't think he was gonna do anything bad, until I kinda forced it with my mind.
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    Tags: dubai, ocean


    1. Timothy Paradox's Avatar
      Look up 'Neom', Saudi Arabia. It's a futuristic city planned for 2030.
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    2. gab's Avatar
      Thanks! I just watched the promo videos. Interesting.