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    Turquoise Dreams

    Tornado, Crows, People

    , 11-04-2014 at 12:01 PM (166 Views)

    Last night bed at 9pm - 2:30am

    also slept a lot yesterday from 9am to 2pm, coz I wasn't feeling well last few days, and I'm still not good


    I'm at some kind of a family compound. Outside in the very large yard, or field. It's surrounded by a fence, but inside is just dirt or dry grass, as if it was fall or winter.

    Somebody is trying to come in in a homemade helicopter. I realize something and I get him to take me home from there to my mom. It's far away, another country or even continent.

    Now I'm at home. I'm heading to the restroom when my mom is calling me. I go to see and she has some pyjamas on the bed, asking me if I want to take some with me when I'll return back to where I came from. They are very cool looking, gray and black and white, and soooo soft. But I don't want to take hers away, as I did last time. And I feel sorry now for not bringing those back to her now, since I could have had, having a ride and all.

    Now my dad is there too. We have the courtains opened and I'm looking outside at some dark cloud, which has a "leg". I think I see it getting longer, and another cloud has a part that is also protruding down and getting longer and bigger. I say "wow, you guys we are getting a tornado". The hanging parts are now in shape of a tornado and spinning wildly.

    By the time I grab my camera, they are so close that all I see is blackness. I ran to doors and close them, yelling at everybody to do the same. In case some window opens, it won't suck us all out.

    It goes right over the house. I am excited. I go out on the kitchen balcony. My aunt is there and I ask her how they protected themselves from tornado. But she is busy. Her daughter (my cousin K) is in wedding gown, getting married. She says we should hurry, coz they are starting to gather.

    My mom says she has no dress for a wedding, coz they didn't tell her on time. I also don't have anything, since i only grabbed one bag when I was going there.

    I ask about my friend who came with me yesterday and was sleeping over, and mom tells me she went home already. I remember she has family in town.

    I'm looking out the living room window again. I tell my mom "you won't believe how often I have a dream about me looking out this window". And I see the tennis courts across the street.

    Suddenly its pitch dark outside. I see an anourmous cloud of large, black birds flying by. They are mostly or all crows, flying in neat formation, all same speed. Some of them look at me. I once again scramble for my camera to take pictures, coz it's an incredible sight.

    Now from the other direction, from south to north, there are people flying in the air. They are standing up as if walking. Most if not all are male, all dressed in business attire. I regnize one of them as an american actor. He has a bloody lip. I look at others and most of them have some sign of trauma. They are all somber, not talking, not looking around.

    I ask a question and one that looks like the actor answers "time". I ask to clarify and he says "we are running out of time".

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