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    Turquoise Dreams

    UFOs; Snow; Gypsies

    , 02-05-2016 at 07:52 PM (101 Views)
    Last nigt work 5pm-11pm.

    Bed 2am - 9:55am


    I'm walking outside in the ankle deep snow. It's at night and strong wind is blowing falling snow in all dirrections. I'm holding something small in my arms. Maybe it's a creature or a small child that is not really a child by age. I want to provide comfort so I hide him under my long coat. It's happy.

    I look back and I can't see anything. The lights of a large farm house have disappeared in the distance. It's a blizzard and we are joking about getting lost. Joking-because I know the way. I look under my feet and there is a barely visible but very clear path back to the house.

    I turn again away from the house and come to picket fence. I see some lights in the distance, growing biger. I hear 2 people from neighbors farm yelling at me something, warning me about approaching lights. I can recognize it as a fast approaching car. I know they have no chance of seeing me so I walk towards it and step left so I'm behind the fence. I let the car pass by me.

    (The snowfall was beautiful and providing comfort was comforting to me as well)


    I'm in my mom's kitchen. Somebody is talking loud just under the first story window in foreign language. I aonly recognize the word "Romania". 3 males are walking away and as they look back, I see they are typical Gypsies.

    I look outside to see what the noise is and there is a bunch of them standing outside the fence to our uncle's and our garden. Some of them are climbing on it and trying to break in.

    Here the story splits into 2 scenarios.

    1 - I walk outside and confront them. Their leader is threatening me and says I better keep the doors locked because he is coming back after my family.

    2 - Now that I know that ^^, at first sign of commotion outside, I grab my big handgun, walk outside and shoot the leader in the head. He drops dead and I ask "anybody else?"

    I know I should keep shooting and I either do or just imagine that scenario, as the cleanest and safest way to protect me and my family.

    There was a also a small handbag left by the leader on my table. It's moving just a tiny bit and I wonder what "mafia" message he left me in it. As I'm taking it outside, I'm thinking somebody's finger. But I see through the zipper, it's a nonvenomous snake.

    Next thing I know I see my dad outside and I'm asking him if he seen the snake. He says which one, and that he was rather big and he is joking, because he has him around his neck like a pet.

    My mom walks up and she pets the snake which is weird because she doesn't like them.

    They are coming closer, I pull out my gun and I tell them to stay back, because I'm gonna drop somebody. I'm thinking if the snake dies fast if I shoot him in the spine.


    I'm sitting by large windows in a rather large room. I look up at the skies (was practicing for TOTM in WL) and I see some flat clouds. They look like UFO clouds and I'm jokingly saying to someone about UFOs in the skies.

    I look to the left and there are some huge alien spaceships. They are all different, colors are muted by distance and slight fog. But they are very pretty grey and blue gray.

    There was some kind of aerial fight and some very tall structure looking like a street ligt, but reaching all the way to the clouds took a hit and started toppling over. The wery tip of it hit the window near me and fell on the pillow I had my head on just seconds later. My phone got damaged and it's screen got cracked. It still worked but all images were shrunk to the middle of the screen.

    A utility truck comes by fast. It's all burned up and metal is all twisted. I't going fast, dodging the holes on the street caused my explosions and falling debree.

    Now I'm standing on the corner of the street and another utility wehicle comes by fast and it's leaving brand new asphalt pavement. We are amazed how fast the city fixes itself after distruction.

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