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    Woman from Defiance

    , 06-04-2013 at 02:31 PM (183 Views)
    Tuesday 6/4/13

    Last night bed 1am - 5:55am

    There was a white haired woman from Defiance, wife of the major whitehaired guy. (Watched Defiance yesterday IWL.)

    I'm crossing the street to my highschool, when a white car goes through a turn too fast, plus it's icy, and hits the guardrail to the right of us.

    Something happening underwater.

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    dream fragment


    1. AURON's Avatar
      I meant to download a couple of episodes the other day. Never got to it. How is it?
      gab likes this.
    2. gab's Avatar

      I was hoping it would be sci-fi. It has aliens in it, but all the plot is about relations and other normal issues.

      Not starships, no cool technology, no fighting aliens, no time travel, teleporting, space, other planets, no nothing, that makes a movie sci-fi.

      Except the aliens, that speak english and have same problems I can watch on kardashians.

      In other news, I'm just majorly pissed today, so the show may not be as bad.