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    Yellow flowers

    , 08-25-2018 at 03:25 AM (337 Views)
    I retold my dream to myself in the morning, not having time to record it. Later I forgot that I even had a dream, let alone what it would have been about. I just saw some flowers online and the dream just popped back in full glory.

    So, I'm walking on a stone shore of some kind of a water reservoir. The stone is flat, dark grey to black. It's man-made. Water is on my left, looks long and rectangular shaped. Its surface is few feet below the lip of the stone wall reservoir.

    The water is full of flowers. Beautiful, yellow flowers on rather short stalks. Chrisantemum/daisy looking. They are all in pots, and pots are all arranged in a neat grid, all in a larger flat container. There is thousands of them.

    I look away and next time I look, all the flowers are now under the water, in same position. They are covered by thousands of petals of different color. I think it was red. It was so interesting, neat, organized, no clue of the purpose of it.

    Little later on, someone, maybe me, needs to get to the end of this stoney walkway still by that same body of water. It's all icy and slippery. I'm thinking I should take a car because on foot it will take too long. Then I see a kid on home fashioned skies, made out of 2 skateboards with the wheel side turned up, and flat side was the part he was sliding on.

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    Tags: water