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    GDreamer's spaghetti

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    1. A ToTM? Jogging

      by , 04-08-2015 at 04:12 PM (GDreamer's spaghetti)
      I'm halfly lucid . I don't know that its not a dream but I know that I can do anything.
      I'm in another city , Near my friends house, I SENSED.
      Even though I didnt know where I was , I knew I'm halfway to the city where my friends house is
      around 5km away.
      I start to run in the suburban, Soonly I start to get really fast.
      And then I feel energy in my legs and now I start to get veeery veery fast.
      I'm dashing through the air I take steps like jumping , I run of course, but every step is around 30m long.
      I'm fast as hell and I'm really happy about that.
      Everything is vivid as I going through this suburban , The houses, the gardens , a school ,and then houses again.
      I jump over a car passing by , then an old woman, its hilarious how fast I am.
      I sense when the way changes direction and I just going through streets like water, very swiftly .
      I arrive at my friends house, with my other friends, and we plan to drink something , then everything falls apart
      and now the house is a void place , the ladders are floating in the nothing, even the other parts of the room,
      Some weird things happen, we go up and down , then we get high.
      After the party is ended I tell them I go home.
      Its night , I start to run again fast As f***.
      Awesome speed, the night sky is clear, stars are shining, and I'm going with godspeed.
      As this way I go home and arrive in my city in 10-15 minutes.
      Before I achieved home the dream ends.

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    2. Now that was a WILD?

      by , 04-06-2015 at 10:33 AM (GDreamer's spaghetti)
      After failed tryings in the morning I got raged out and decided to just stay still, even if my parents are awake and loud as fuck.
      So there I was , waiting, after around 10-20 minutes I lost lucidity but quickly regained. Was just wandering around in the thoughts , and was visualizing a square because I wanted to make my own dreamscape .
      A starting room , not so much but failed.
      After a while I had HI , But it stopped after I moved my eyes, then I had a similar thing but now I was able to walk around , I suppose that was the dream but it was all hazy , maybe because I was hearing the noises outside and the noises were loud.
      but I stay inside.
      Everything is foggy, the eyelid void was covering all my vision, it was very unstable like if its gonna collapse in any moments, But I didnt care.
      So I was before this supermarket, in the parking lot was some kind of festival , no cars , only stages and tents
      Then I entered a shop, it seemed to be selling decorations but then I saw little guitars ,ouds, tried them and it sounded like the normal ones. The cashier woman said something , but I didnt listen. Then I gone over there and tried to kiss her. But just before I did , I falled over into the dreaming void this reddish, smokey thing.
      In the next moment I was having sex with someone , then I transported into my room.
      I was sitting on my bed , looking at the clock. I blinked , nothing changed, I blink again, now its goes 20:00a
      I blink twice again , now its 00:08
      I got sure that I'm still sleeping , but I still hear the outside noises, all is unstable.
      At this point I wake up because for some reason , I wake up when its 10 am.

      So now that was a shitty quaility successfull WILD?
    3. Zombie apocalypse , shorty.

      by , 04-05-2015 at 03:22 PM (GDreamer's spaghetti)
      So I was just having a zombie apocalpse , driving a car around with some people ,
      They were shooting the zombies sometimes a buddy took the wheel and I went to search for my "friends"
      They were all abducted for a minute I was able to talk to them normally but then they tried to kill me
      I jump out of the building, parkour scene, lazer shootings , a lotta modern shite is being used , chaos.
      Somehow we manage to go back to our base, my workplace . Theres some people. they have weird equipment . Some of them is anime (WTF) characters.
      Tags: note, short, zombie
    4. The two predator - Hunter and the assassin (Shorty)

      by , 04-04-2015 at 09:18 AM (GDreamer's spaghetti)
      Me and my mom are having a walk in a beautifull forest . There is a higher hill in the forest.
      Suddenly I feel danger and tell my mom to take cover , my friends father walks up the top of the Hill.
      "I'll kill him " - I say and take a knife out while leaning behind a bush I go into assassin mode , sneaking around. He almost saw me but he keeps watch around.
      Mom doesn't understands why I want to kill him , neither do I but I still want to kill him.
      I sneak and sneak . at a point the dream ends.
      non-lucid , side notes
    5. The Other Side : Part 5 - Last fight with that dark guy

      by , 04-03-2015 at 02:47 PM (GDreamer's spaghetti)
      Sorry for the delay
      So here is my last dream from my golden age of semi lucidity.
      I'm at the usual place, parking lot, supermarket. Things going all right. I just got almost lucid.
      Now I practice with the elements, I have a bit hard time with my abilities ,telekinesis is quite buggy today.
      I was thinking of strategic attacks , then I got an idea of a finishing move that also eliminates all enemy around me ,and maybe it even kills me. Tepes's Aegis - Named from Vlad The Impaler .
      Stakes falling from the sky, impaling everyone in a kilometer radius . It seemed to be a very nice idea , just in case of fighting.
      I kept walking around when I suddenly felt that something's coming . I started to walk out of the parking lot into the bus stop hoping that the thing didnt see me.
      At a point I saw him walking towards me , I tried to hide and I succeded , but then I took a bad step.
      Now he sees me , even he made an eye contact . He stops .
      Then he unleashed his anger towards me , I was able to sense it in the air, it was blazing like hellfire.
      He sent a message through telepathy and it sounded something like this.
      I was in some samurai costume , it was in a very bad state but whatever , and all I was able to summon is a rusty sword.
      The guy starts to morph into a goddamn Human-Bull beast which had horns and stuff.
      This thing was a muscly crap and scary , it gave out horrible sounds , But I knew I got to fight it. Though I almost shat my pants .
      Then in this moment I remembered the new technique I raised my hands and said" Țepeș's ęgis!"
      And the sky got darker, and so we began to fight . in the beginning All I was able to do is dodge ,dodge and dodge and hope that motherf***r won't bite me .
      Soonly I was unable to see anything because the stake rain arrived, I raised my hands and made a protecting field that brokes these stakes before hitting me , even though , I got hit by one of those on my hands and had a few scars but then it stabilised.
      But the bull beast wasn't even hurt, it was just going through it , throwing some cars into the air from anger.
      Then I saw that the steaks are made of glass , its of course unnefective on this beastie f***.
      I tried to slice him few times, but he hit me back, I almost died , and also flew 20 meters.
      Now I stopped for a moment and think , before the bull ambushed me I said "LET IT BE MADE FROM IRON"
      . IT WORKED! The bull got injured , and so I got ready to attack.
      Then It got even more mad. And so it started to run towards me crushing everything on its way.
      With a last running I raised my sword for a last blow, and then for my luck . The bull got hit again.
      The time slowed down , full adneraline , I swing with my sword ,I sliced into its neck and head .
      I did it , and then time goes back to normal. the bull falls over . That was an epic moment.
      I breath heavily , I got exhausted by the battle, I slice a few into the bulls body, then it disappears.
      - I did it , omg.

      A helicopter comes
      Guy screams , "get up there , WE got to go!"
      I get up there , we fly away
      -Where are we go?
      -I'll tell you later.

      The dream ended
    6. The Other Side : Part 4 - Dreams that supposed to happen in the future

      by , 03-23-2015 at 08:19 PM (GDreamer's spaghetti)
      I met with my friend in multiple dreams. [B]However when those dreams happened, I didn't even know him.
      What's even weirder than that is that he had these dreams from his own perspective around one year ago.
      I experienced these dreams 3 years ago.[/B]
      Before the super market . [B]Again[/B]
      Now it was daylight , the place was swarming with terrorists\guerillas
      So I was like "lets screw somebody up"
      I zoomed to the far away buildings' there was somebody walking
      I stretched my hands and started to shoot big fireballs
      Meanwhile : my friend just walks on the street around that particular building, when suddenly a fireball almost toasts off his head and was like "WTF are you doing?!?! stop! its me!"
      Ofc I didn't know who it is , doesnt even heard his sound. I far firing, people were shooting like mad,
      rpg etc flew. He jumps up after one of the buildings collapse and he still dont know what hit him.
      Then he starts to jump towards me ,actually he jumps very big and flies towards me , I don't care ,I just sending those majestic flames into his direction , I feel awesome, yeah.

      Then He arrives, He's just about to stop me , but he's woke up in that moment.
      I've seen something nearing me , and before I've seen it , he dissappeared. Nevermind.

      side note:Seriously most of these dreams were always before the supermarket or in it . damn.

      In the next dream I meet him
      I feel very easy and I say
      -"Whassup bitch. I started to think you won't be here, here , let me show you those cubes"
      Then I take out those cubes from a pack
      -"These called "lymnitrix" , these are training program , you get in , and get out. Touch it.
      He does so
      and now he's in a training level, there is floating plates he needs to jump through to the end point, while he does this he needs to fight with a swarm of giant insects.
      And so he does, he uses lightning , sword combat ,combines the two. He wokes up
      Meanwhile I jump into another program. Now I'm on top of a large building in my city . There's another one.
      And then theres those floating stones , Giant bees are coming so I get ready.
      I use fire , lightning, I kill many of em' , I throw my sword into one of em, then I tame a bee and continue fighting like that. at a point , the dream ends.

      In Another dream, I follow somebody, now , its the right side of the supermarket, I walk around.
      Its winter , everthing is in snow. I wanted to spy somebody , so I think about a plan.
      Then I got it .
      I hide on to the roof and watch from above if anyone comes, but must be at alert , so nobody sees me.
      A guy comes, a guard. I hide, and I watch , but I watched too long. I feel that he seen me.
      I fall back and after a moment, a big lightning bolt comes through , severing the wall and the roof, it got my head almost .
      I stand up , run out and warp down the ground. I shoot a lightning bolt , he shoots , Blocked it .
      after a moment I shoot quickly again , I killed the guard. He dissappears.
      "- What the hell was that, I supposed to spy somebody else, not this guy. Now I kicked him out of dream?
      what can I do now? " I thinked
      and stood here , confused till the dream collapsed.

      I'm not sure of when this dream happened but I'll leave this here.

      Another dream
      Me and my present friends were grouping at a house. we were sitting around a wooden table .
      Then I took a knife and stab the table , I had a glasses and I was in my rambo mood.
      -"Guys, we got to do ... something big."
      -"What do you mean?"
      "-Something big ..explosions , robbing ,beating ,anything..."
      At this point my memory is foggy, in the end we agree of doing something
      there is my drunkard friend to , he justs sits and do nothing more than drinking
      -"Give me that fucking wine , you drunken bastard"
      I take the wine , drink some.
      As we leave the friends mother throw a bottle which almost catches his head .
      Dream ends.

      Next will be the final chapter of "The Other Side" the dream where I had my final fight with a powerfull dc, probably another dreamer, but who knows....

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    7. The Other Side : Part 3 - Summoning, and why I don't do it

      by , 03-22-2015 at 09:47 PM (GDreamer's spaghetti)
      After the Fighting , there were dreams where I was in this place again, now I played around
      sometimes I was bending fire , sometimes I was flying.
      There was a dream where I was able to see the milky way by tricking with the night sky.
      But then the dream ended quickly.
      One time I killed a dream with bending water, it was so beautiful and full of detail.
      Then there came the summonings.
      Mostly I just stretched out my hand and said "summoning" and then a smoke came and something appeared in it.
      It was night time , before the usual place , the entrance of the supermarket.
      There was me and some friendly people, we were laughing around and were chatting about random things.
      Then I said " guys , I can summon , I'll show you now."
      I did it, I thinked of one of my friend from class. And there he was , he appeared out of the smoke, we were laughing, the people were amazed.
      My friends tried to summon , but miserably failed. If I remember right one of my friends summoned a sword.
      Then I said I'll summon again , this is awesome. and So I did . I stretched my hands , said summoning, but I didnt thinked of anyone, only in the middle of the procces I thinked of who I wanted to summon.
      But its too late now.
      From and underground magical-gate thingy which was electric , a scary shit crawled out.
      It looked veeeeeery weird and it was rotting , white eyes ,and its limbs were messed up.
      SO messed up that this creature was unable to move.(actually no)
      Me and my friends were laughing and so we continued the party , or we tried.
      But then the creature uttered a scary sound , we were like "look ,it still lives".
      Then it suddenly jumped around and killed one of us.
      we panicked and then it was just dashing around like lightning.
      It killed me .I woke up.
      Tags: kill, lucid, summoning
      lucid , memorable
    8. The Other Side : Part 2 - Something's Wrong

      by , 03-21-2015 at 11:16 PM (GDreamer's spaghetti)
      I became lucid , I'm at the same place again , the bus stop before the supermarket.
      I look towards the supermarket , On top of the roof there is a group of people and a guy facing eachother.
      I was like " No ..... no ... no"
      Then I see a red energy blast starting from the group and explodes on the guy.
      "NO .... RUN.... RUN"
      I screamed and started to run towards the supermarket , I tried to summon some kind of weapon but only a rusty sword I can have , I run and run but so slow it takes a few minutes to get there.
      Then I arrive, they are already waiting for me .
      The guy is also here still alive, his enemies are in dark clothes it seemed to a be a girl and a few guys.
      They were speedy, they quickly jumped off the roof and surrounded me standing on lamps.
      The guy who just got hit said "RUN, RUN"
      I tried to knock it off "Don't attack me, I just want to enter the supermarket"
      Its no good , I panick and start to run . But they catched me , I fall over and then some of them quickly flies towards me and stabs me .
      I wake up . Its the middle of night.
      I fall asleep again , I'm back to the same place, again the bus stop .
      I quickly get over there, it seems to be they're on the roof, now talking.
      Now I manage to fly up.
      -"What are you doing here?" ask one of the black clothed guy.
      -"I'm gonna kick all your arses, what the hell is going on there?"
      -"Its none of your business" says the black clothed one
      -"Go away , its really ok" Says the guy who got attacked, he still stands meters from this group , I'm floating now nearer to the group
      -"Seems we got fight again" says the guy in a black robe
      the girl also says something , but I ignore her.
      Things get tense, but the black robed guys wait just for me to start, the good guy is also getting ready to fight on my side. Now I think of how to start, and then I remember this red bright clear energy.
      I charge my fists somehow , this energy surrounds in , and then I throw off a big punch on the group
      they fall all over and starts to float. One of em punches me, hurts but its Ok, I punch back.
      One of em draws a sword, somehow I get this sword and slice him off.
      I'm bashing em like if there's no tomorrow I manage to kill 5 of em, the good guy is also supported me.
      The girl just pops up from nothing and punches me off. I fall off and die. But I do not wake up but I respawn.
      I stand before the entrance, I go up there , but everybody's gone. no clue where the good guys have gone.
      Suddenly a team of people comes here and tells me that they know where the guy is , and that they'll support me in killing him . they advice me to be stealthy because theres some bad guys made by him and guarding the place. Actually, it was the guys dcs , and now we dont know which one of em is the real bad guy.
      The supermarket was altered , and very unstable, it was a big chaos.
      So here we were sneaking around, I killed one before the elevator, we were communicating by thoughts, they said that they're going well and soon will find the original one.
      I watch down , before a shop there was a guard, I see the guy sneaking behind him. and then he chokes him , I was like "good job man".
      -"We found him, he's in the underground parking lot with a few thughs for sure, we can ambush him, lets rock"

      In this moment I get warped down there , we're going in and running like mad, I was at the back of the group, we beat some people , and then I kill the original one, he dissappears.
      The dream ends
      Tags: fight, killing, lucid
      lucid , memorable
    9. The Other Side : Part 1

      by , 03-20-2015 at 09:15 PM (GDreamer's spaghetti)
      The next dreams I going to write are true dreams . Its not a fantasy thingy.
      I just gonna write a series of dream that happened around 2012 when I was a 9th'er.
      Those dreams are not quite normal, they had a big story thats forming and , in the same time it was free from any changing. I suspect at a point, it may be that I had shared dreams?

      In all of those dreams ,I was halfly lucid, in some of them gained full lucidity.
      So here it goes.

      first of all: I already had a few lds before these ones, thats when I developed to fly, and do things with fire,but nothing interesting happened.

      [CENTER][B]entry 1 : Fun [/B][/CENTER]
      I became lucid somehow, all I remember is that this is the place I wanted to be. Oh yeah.
      So I can meet[B] him[/B], but who is [B]he[/B]?
      And so I did, I was before a supermarket in my city.
      It was night, stars were on the sky, it was all clear.
      I was walking towards the entrance people were all around , and there was my best friend.
      We shake hands and I say "finally we did it , we're in a dream"
      he was like "yeah, yeah, where do we go?"
      I looked up and I've seen a pyramid on the roof .
      -"Lets check this out, wait , can you fly?'"
      -" I hope I can"
      -" All you need to do is just float up..."- As I said this I jumped up and started to fly up
      I arrived to the roof looked down.
      -"Try , or if it doesnt work just jump up"
      Then he suddenly jumped up
      -"Nice work, now let's check this weird pyramid out"
      The pyramid was made out of stone , but it contained iron too, I cant quite describe it . it was a bit shining but dark. It had carvings on it.
      We climbed up on it
      -" And now, what we gonna do , we can't enter it" - he said
      -"Wait.... Just try to break in , search for weak points..."
      And so we tried , a few seconds and my friend broke it in.
      -"Nicely done"
      -"Now lets go it, you go , I would fall down and trip" - he said
      -"but you can fly and you wont get hurt , just try."
      -"I'll cover you, just in case something happens outside" - he said
      Then I got in
      "Jeez, its all dark I can't see shit, wait"
      I concentrated on my index finger and a light gone out ,but it doesnt illuminated anything.
      then I concentrated more and now I was able to see
      -"Awesome , man" - he said
      Now I started to walk around, there was pillars made from the same fabric, I approached the walls.
      ANd I've seen weird writings, some one of these were like if its egyptian.
      I was amazed it was all so clear and vivid , then I woke up.

      The day after that , dreams were occuring ,awakening at the same place but now afar from the super market ,I was fire bending, one time I burned myself.

      And who is [B]him[/B]. no , I'm not talking about my best friend.
      After I moved to another school , things happened , I found friends, and with one of my best friends in this new class. around one year ago we made a lucid dreaming project, and wanted to have a shared dream, we wanted to meet just on the place I woke up in the dream. In the bus stop. we never did succeed.
      Weird coincidence

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    10. Time Travel , good workplace.

      by , 03-14-2015 at 06:41 PM (GDreamer's spaghetti)
      I become lucid, now I don't know where am I.
      It seems to be a park, some kind of broadwalk.
      There was a chair, I stand here thinking what should i do, I didnt seen far away, it was night.
      and there was only a few lamps ,but after 10-20 meters theres no lamps, only the void.
      Then seconds after I realize thats a dream , a classmate comes, I dont like him, he's not even my friend.
      So he came here and we start to talk about that its a dream.
      Then I float him up in the air with telekinesis so I prove him that its a dream.
      He says he knows, I continue , I plan to kill him.
      we laugh because its funny for some reason that I use telekinesis.
      Then he says "stop , or we wont be able to go".
      It seems he already knew that its a dream ,actually he never said that its not.
      I say "where?"
      And he says "back to the day it has all begun".
      Then I see a black screen in my vision.
      Then he asks where to go , and somehow I sense out the date of "the day when it has all begun"
      I was tipping around 2003 , 2004 then it becomes clearer.
      Its 2003 , september 9.
      "The first day I began school in x (in reality I wanted to say y but idk why I couldnt , I didnt even wanted to g o to 2003 but 2009 because consciously I thinked that it was the date).
      Here we go.
      the screens gone, me and my classmate's still in the same park , but now there are more lights, and actually a city outside the park.
      We walk out in short time, I realize its the city I live in .
      Then I realized that it would fuhkk siht' up if I meet with myself, which was obviously not possible because it was late night. Actually Idk if it was 1 am or around 10 pm.

      Then we were gone to some place, at this point my memory becomes foggy, so I skip now.

      After we did what we needed to do we gone into the future, I dont know the date , its around 10 years after I finished the school I am in now.
      I had some kind of office job and also a delivery job, I needed to handle out these documents, before the day ended , it was 11 pm. I had one hour to do this job.
      The rules was these: Office job is something I always have to do, but if I want extra money I can accept those "contracts" where I handle out documents to places ,peoples ,corporations and doing further operations with these documents or just simply giving it . But If I fail to handle out a contract like this before the end of the day then somebody else will get the job and I get no money for it.
      The place was nice, I was surrounded by nice people, they were friendly and there were wonderfull woman.
      According to this dream, we were working till midnight, and always before the day ended we grouped , sit down and speak about the day etc, while drinking some coffe. It felt wonderfull, just something I always wanted. A calm job.
      We sat down and started to speak ,I was speaking with a woman about the things I had to do in the day then she said that i have a contract and that I have only half an hour left .
      I was like "nevermind, I wouldn't run out like crazy just because a contract in this time of the day, it doesnt matter . I missed it , thats it."
      Then I remembered that the contracts destination was near . So I was thinking about should I do it or not.
      While this the workers ended our little groupie talk, and started to pick up things and go home, I saluted them, and then choosed to go.
      I was approaching my car when the dream ended.

    11. Shorty number many : Fail to lightning

      by , 01-04-2015 at 07:06 PM (GDreamer's spaghetti)
      This morning I entered again.
      Now I was before my house , It was night.
      I was tried to make lightning with my hands .
      I used my imagination and a blue orb around my hands popped up and then dissapeared.
      So that was all.
    12. Another Short WILD: First Of The Year

      by , 01-02-2015 at 03:05 PM (GDreamer's spaghetti)
      So nothing happened
      Just I enter the dream through wild
      In the morning
      So It gone like this.
      I woke up , lie back into my most comfortable sleeping pose
      and then Paralysis started to kick in.
      I concentrated to be more comfortable so It can go on , and so it did.
      Its done.
      I get up, my eyes opening are very problematic, as always.
      I look at my hands , I rarely see it but I know Im already in , then I woke up because the tv was too loud.
      Tags: short
    13. Another Short Lucid

      by , 12-30-2014 at 06:42 PM (GDreamer's spaghetti)
      I began to hear the noise of paralysis but I can't keep it going
      I lost my lucidity while falling asleep.
      I became lucid spontaneously. I'm before my house I see that there's some kind of festival going on, not a big deal, theres not soo many people.
      I go outside to the street and start to walk up the mountain .
      While walking I rub my hands and say dream , over and over.
      Sometimes I start to fly to test my ability if I can..
      I turn on the visibility of galaxies and I see the milky way, now its different and I see a red nebula around 3-4 light years from us , its not big , a little bigger than the moon.
      Its beautifull, I feel good and then I arrive to the next street.
      Then I woke up
    14. Short WILD ( Yeah again, finally)

      by , 12-27-2014 at 03:08 PM (GDreamer's spaghetti)
      This morning I tried to use a lucid dreaming app on phone , with earphones on.
      It worked like this: I set the time, and after 30 minutes It will start to play a soundtrack that reminds me that I'm dreaming , I supposed to be dreaming when this soundtrack start.
      It was harder to fall asleep with earphones. So I was toss and turn and toss and turn and toss and turn and toss and turn and toss and turn and toss and turn and toss and turn and ...
      Then I lost my lucidity , had some hypnagogic imagnary , and then paralysis started to kick in slowly , the noise became louder , and louder , and my body became numb and more numb.
      Then When the noise achieved its highest point , I felt like if gravity turned off
      And that my body became nothing, I was floating in my room.
      I tried to AP, but I knew it failed and that its just a dream.
      I moved out of bed and falled off from bed.
      I face facing the ground with some pieces of clothes.
      I stuck here like that , my legs were broken weirdly, buit I didnt felt it .
      Then I used my imagination to roll out and so I did now I'm standing , all normal.
      I done a hand rc My hands just dissapeared so I was sure.
      I was going outside , my mom told me that she's going so I said "me too".
      Then Just before I leaved the dream falled apart and I woke up
      just a minute before the app started the soundtrack
      Not a big success, but after months I finally had one.

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    15. The Sage's visit

      by , 12-25-2014 at 11:01 PM (GDreamer's spaghetti)
      I was walking home while my friends were fooling around on the street
      I walk through the way from the bustop.
      But then an old guy , grey hair, grey-white suit, appeared and flew up in the air.
      At this part the dream became foggy , the next I remember from now I'm in a big building.
      Actually an infinite building. The old man , lets call him the sage.
      He was full of wisdom he telled me big things about humans
      but I do not remember any of those.
      Then I continued my journey in this infinite house
      I was facing with different memories of my life , sometimes just conversations, I had.
      Then I entered a museum where there were no lamps ,but there were light.
      And the paintings were surreal as hell. It scared me a bit
      then I continued my way in the museum.
      I met with my friend in a sector where were vintage sofas and chairs
      we sat down ,He asked what do I'm doing here I answered that I'm on a journey.
      He said that he's on a trip.
      I was aware at this point that the museum was meshed up with this world I'm in for a purpose, and that he doesn't know this .
      Then he gave me a red tie "for the special events" and I put iit in my pocket.
      then he leaved , the sage showed up again.
      We spoke again I tried to find out why is he do this to me , he said he want me to learn something , or thats all I found out from his speech.
      Then a scene started on a vintage bed. In anime style.
      A girl tried to wake up his boy, but then it turned out it was not his brother but her dead self , blood all over her face ,eyes open stare stiff, horrifying.
      Then I seen another girls face in negative vision , anger was on her face , then my vision normalised and at this point I said "this is bullshit, I'M OUT" And I woke up.

      I think it was some kind of trial , but I aborted it.
      I never met with a dream character having this big power.

      Now I want to meet the sage , but now in lucid state.

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