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    Another Short Lucid

    by , 12-30-2014 at 06:42 PM (368 Views)
    I began to hear the noise of paralysis but I can't keep it going
    I lost my lucidity while falling asleep.
    I became lucid spontaneously. I'm before my house I see that there's some kind of festival going on, not a big deal, theres not soo many people.
    I go outside to the street and start to walk up the mountain .
    While walking I rub my hands and say dream , over and over.
    Sometimes I start to fly to test my ability if I can..
    I turn on the visibility of galaxies and I see the milky way, now its different and I see a red nebula around 3-4 light years from us , its not big , a little bigger than the moon.
    Its beautifull, I feel good and then I arrive to the next street.
    Then I woke up

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