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    (nonlucid) Apocalypse , elite fighters with lots of stuff

    by , 12-24-2014 at 11:00 AM (307 Views)
    I don't remember much of the dream.
    All I know is it began in a city in a highland, all covered in snow.
    The city is partially destroyed , smoke is coming up from buildings in the center of the city.
    I have a tablet , I watch the news. It was true: A evil organization leads the world and
    now decided to destroy the majority of humanity, police brutality etc.
    On a video I see protesters and policeman fighting in a supermarket .
    One of the policemen grabs a guy , he falls , then kicks him in the face ,
    Blood comes up from his face , A LOT of blood, his face is destroyed.
    I can't believe what I see.
    Now they grab his leg and spin this guy in the air , everything is covered in blood.
    They throw the guy , the people started to run for their lives as they witness the horror.
    I stopped the video. I'm near a big tree like thing, it has many and big leaves. Its my cover.
    I climb up with my AK47 to look around.
    I see the a few police man coming . They seen me .
    Now they try to climb up on the tree, I know if they get me , I'm dead.
    I remember that I have a weapon , so I grab my AK47 and shoot em' down.
    I shoot down a few other people, they became cannibals or zombies, I don't know.
    All I know is that they want blood.
    Somebody comes, he seem to be normal. We become allies.
    He tells me that he's from the elite forces , what belongs to an organisation which purpose is to stop this illuminati crap, they're equipped with high tech stuff.
    He asks if I want to join I say " hell yeah , of course".
    Soonly , these vehicles arrive, there is some flying balls which similar to the death star
    from star wars , but these are its miniature versions , a bit different.
    So I get into one of theese balls that can fly ,and then we fly down the mountain\highland.
    To a green plain. There's trees and villages.
    I have a hud, we get the locations of the targets , and theyre marked.
    We go there and kill them all.
    In the rest of the dream we do this till I woke up.

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