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    The Other Side : Part 1

    by , 03-20-2015 at 09:15 PM (393 Views)
    The next dreams I going to write are true dreams . Its not a fantasy thingy.
    I just gonna write a series of dream that happened around 2012 when I was a 9th'er.
    Those dreams are not quite normal, they had a big story thats forming and , in the same time it was free from any changing. I suspect at a point, it may be that I had shared dreams?

    In all of those dreams ,I was halfly lucid, in some of them gained full lucidity.
    So here it goes.

    first of all: I already had a few lds before these ones, thats when I developed to fly, and do things with fire,but nothing interesting happened.

    [CENTER][B]entry 1 : Fun [/B][/CENTER]
    I became lucid somehow, all I remember is that this is the place I wanted to be. Oh yeah.
    So I can meet[B] him[/B], but who is [B]he[/B]?
    And so I did, I was before a supermarket in my city.
    It was night, stars were on the sky, it was all clear.
    I was walking towards the entrance people were all around , and there was my best friend.
    We shake hands and I say "finally we did it , we're in a dream"
    he was like "yeah, yeah, where do we go?"
    I looked up and I've seen a pyramid on the roof .
    -"Lets check this out, wait , can you fly?'"
    -" I hope I can"
    -" All you need to do is just float up..."- As I said this I jumped up and started to fly up
    I arrived to the roof looked down.
    -"Try , or if it doesnt work just jump up"
    Then he suddenly jumped up
    -"Nice work, now let's check this weird pyramid out"
    The pyramid was made out of stone , but it contained iron too, I cant quite describe it . it was a bit shining but dark. It had carvings on it.
    We climbed up on it
    -" And now, what we gonna do , we can't enter it" - he said
    -"Wait.... Just try to break in , search for weak points..."
    And so we tried , a few seconds and my friend broke it in.
    -"Nicely done"
    -"Now lets go it, you go , I would fall down and trip" - he said
    -"but you can fly and you wont get hurt , just try."
    -"I'll cover you, just in case something happens outside" - he said
    Then I got in
    "Jeez, its all dark I can't see shit, wait"
    I concentrated on my index finger and a light gone out ,but it doesnt illuminated anything.
    then I concentrated more and now I was able to see
    -"Awesome , man" - he said
    Now I started to walk around, there was pillars made from the same fabric, I approached the walls.
    ANd I've seen weird writings, some one of these were like if its egyptian.
    I was amazed it was all so clear and vivid , then I woke up.

    The day after that , dreams were occuring ,awakening at the same place but now afar from the super market ,I was fire bending, one time I burned myself.

    And who is [B]him[/B]. no , I'm not talking about my best friend.
    After I moved to another school , things happened , I found friends, and with one of my best friends in this new class. around one year ago we made a lucid dreaming project, and wanted to have a shared dream, we wanted to meet just on the place I woke up in the dream. In the bus stop. we never did succeed.
    Weird coincidence

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