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    The Other Side : Part 2 - Something's Wrong

    by , 03-21-2015 at 11:16 PM (441 Views)
    I became lucid , I'm at the same place again , the bus stop before the supermarket.
    I look towards the supermarket , On top of the roof there is a group of people and a guy facing eachother.
    I was like " No ..... no ... no"
    Then I see a red energy blast starting from the group and explodes on the guy.
    "NO .... RUN.... RUN"
    I screamed and started to run towards the supermarket , I tried to summon some kind of weapon but only a rusty sword I can have , I run and run but so slow it takes a few minutes to get there.
    Then I arrive, they are already waiting for me .
    The guy is also here still alive, his enemies are in dark clothes it seemed to a be a girl and a few guys.
    They were speedy, they quickly jumped off the roof and surrounded me standing on lamps.
    The guy who just got hit said "RUN, RUN"
    I tried to knock it off "Don't attack me, I just want to enter the supermarket"
    Its no good , I panick and start to run . But they catched me , I fall over and then some of them quickly flies towards me and stabs me .
    I wake up . Its the middle of night.
    I fall asleep again , I'm back to the same place, again the bus stop .
    I quickly get over there, it seems to be they're on the roof, now talking.
    Now I manage to fly up.
    -"What are you doing here?" ask one of the black clothed guy.
    -"I'm gonna kick all your arses, what the hell is going on there?"
    -"Its none of your business" says the black clothed one
    -"Go away , its really ok" Says the guy who got attacked, he still stands meters from this group , I'm floating now nearer to the group
    -"Seems we got fight again" says the guy in a black robe
    the girl also says something , but I ignore her.
    Things get tense, but the black robed guys wait just for me to start, the good guy is also getting ready to fight on my side. Now I think of how to start, and then I remember this red bright clear energy.
    I charge my fists somehow , this energy surrounds in , and then I throw off a big punch on the group
    they fall all over and starts to float. One of em punches me, hurts but its Ok, I punch back.
    One of em draws a sword, somehow I get this sword and slice him off.
    I'm bashing em like if there's no tomorrow I manage to kill 5 of em, the good guy is also supported me.
    The girl just pops up from nothing and punches me off. I fall off and die. But I do not wake up but I respawn.
    I stand before the entrance, I go up there , but everybody's gone. no clue where the good guys have gone.
    Suddenly a team of people comes here and tells me that they know where the guy is , and that they'll support me in killing him . they advice me to be stealthy because theres some bad guys made by him and guarding the place. Actually, it was the guys dcs , and now we dont know which one of em is the real bad guy.
    The supermarket was altered , and very unstable, it was a big chaos.
    So here we were sneaking around, I killed one before the elevator, we were communicating by thoughts, they said that they're going well and soon will find the original one.
    I watch down , before a shop there was a guard, I see the guy sneaking behind him. and then he chokes him , I was like "good job man".
    -"We found him, he's in the underground parking lot with a few thughs for sure, we can ambush him, lets rock"

    In this moment I get warped down there , we're going in and running like mad, I was at the back of the group, we beat some people , and then I kill the original one, he dissappears.
    The dream ends

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    Tags: fight, killing, lucid
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