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    The Other Side : Part 4 - Dreams that supposed to happen in the future

    by , 03-23-2015 at 08:19 PM (512 Views)
    I met with my friend in multiple dreams. [B]However when those dreams happened, I didn't even know him.
    What's even weirder than that is that he had these dreams from his own perspective around one year ago.
    I experienced these dreams 3 years ago.[/B]
    Before the super market . [B]Again[/B]
    Now it was daylight , the place was swarming with terrorists\guerillas
    So I was like "lets screw somebody up"
    I zoomed to the far away buildings' there was somebody walking
    I stretched my hands and started to shoot big fireballs
    Meanwhile : my friend just walks on the street around that particular building, when suddenly a fireball almost toasts off his head and was like "WTF are you doing?!?! stop! its me!"
    Ofc I didn't know who it is , doesnt even heard his sound. I far firing, people were shooting like mad,
    rpg etc flew. He jumps up after one of the buildings collapse and he still dont know what hit him.
    Then he starts to jump towards me ,actually he jumps very big and flies towards me , I don't care ,I just sending those majestic flames into his direction , I feel awesome, yeah.

    Then He arrives, He's just about to stop me , but he's woke up in that moment.
    I've seen something nearing me , and before I've seen it , he dissappeared. Nevermind.

    side note:Seriously most of these dreams were always before the supermarket or in it . damn.

    In the next dream I meet him
    I feel very easy and I say
    -"Whassup bitch. I started to think you won't be here, here , let me show you those cubes"
    Then I take out those cubes from a pack
    -"These called "lymnitrix" , these are training program , you get in , and get out. Touch it.
    He does so
    and now he's in a training level, there is floating plates he needs to jump through to the end point, while he does this he needs to fight with a swarm of giant insects.
    And so he does, he uses lightning , sword combat ,combines the two. He wokes up
    Meanwhile I jump into another program. Now I'm on top of a large building in my city . There's another one.
    And then theres those floating stones , Giant bees are coming so I get ready.
    I use fire , lightning, I kill many of em' , I throw my sword into one of em, then I tame a bee and continue fighting like that. at a point , the dream ends.

    In Another dream, I follow somebody, now , its the right side of the supermarket, I walk around.
    Its winter , everthing is in snow. I wanted to spy somebody , so I think about a plan.
    Then I got it .
    I hide on to the roof and watch from above if anyone comes, but must be at alert , so nobody sees me.
    A guy comes, a guard. I hide, and I watch , but I watched too long. I feel that he seen me.
    I fall back and after a moment, a big lightning bolt comes through , severing the wall and the roof, it got my head almost .
    I stand up , run out and warp down the ground. I shoot a lightning bolt , he shoots , Blocked it .
    after a moment I shoot quickly again , I killed the guard. He dissappears.
    "- What the hell was that, I supposed to spy somebody else, not this guy. Now I kicked him out of dream?
    what can I do now? " I thinked
    and stood here , confused till the dream collapsed.

    I'm not sure of when this dream happened but I'll leave this here.

    Another dream
    Me and my present friends were grouping at a house. we were sitting around a wooden table .
    Then I took a knife and stab the table , I had a glasses and I was in my rambo mood.
    -"Guys, we got to do ... something big."
    -"What do you mean?"
    "-Something big ..explosions , robbing ,beating ,anything..."
    At this point my memory is foggy, in the end we agree of doing something
    there is my drunkard friend to , he justs sits and do nothing more than drinking
    -"Give me that fucking wine , you drunken bastard"
    I take the wine , drink some.
    As we leave the friends mother throw a bottle which almost catches his head .
    Dream ends.

    Next will be the final chapter of "The Other Side" the dream where I had my final fight with a powerfull dc, probably another dreamer, but who knows....

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