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    Time Travel , good workplace.

    by , 03-14-2015 at 06:41 PM (418 Views)
    I become lucid, now I don't know where am I.
    It seems to be a park, some kind of broadwalk.
    There was a chair, I stand here thinking what should i do, I didnt seen far away, it was night.
    and there was only a few lamps ,but after 10-20 meters theres no lamps, only the void.
    Then seconds after I realize thats a dream , a classmate comes, I dont like him, he's not even my friend.
    So he came here and we start to talk about that its a dream.
    Then I float him up in the air with telekinesis so I prove him that its a dream.
    He says he knows, I continue , I plan to kill him.
    we laugh because its funny for some reason that I use telekinesis.
    Then he says "stop , or we wont be able to go".
    It seems he already knew that its a dream ,actually he never said that its not.
    I say "where?"
    And he says "back to the day it has all begun".
    Then I see a black screen in my vision.
    Then he asks where to go , and somehow I sense out the date of "the day when it has all begun"
    I was tipping around 2003 , 2004 then it becomes clearer.
    Its 2003 , september 9.
    "The first day I began school in x (in reality I wanted to say y but idk why I couldnt , I didnt even wanted to g o to 2003 but 2009 because consciously I thinked that it was the date).
    Here we go.
    the screens gone, me and my classmate's still in the same park , but now there are more lights, and actually a city outside the park.
    We walk out in short time, I realize its the city I live in .
    Then I realized that it would fuhkk siht' up if I meet with myself, which was obviously not possible because it was late night. Actually Idk if it was 1 am or around 10 pm.

    Then we were gone to some place, at this point my memory becomes foggy, so I skip now.

    After we did what we needed to do we gone into the future, I dont know the date , its around 10 years after I finished the school I am in now.
    I had some kind of office job and also a delivery job, I needed to handle out these documents, before the day ended , it was 11 pm. I had one hour to do this job.
    The rules was these: Office job is something I always have to do, but if I want extra money I can accept those "contracts" where I handle out documents to places ,peoples ,corporations and doing further operations with these documents or just simply giving it . But If I fail to handle out a contract like this before the end of the day then somebody else will get the job and I get no money for it.
    The place was nice, I was surrounded by nice people, they were friendly and there were wonderfull woman.
    According to this dream, we were working till midnight, and always before the day ended we grouped , sit down and speak about the day etc, while drinking some coffe. It felt wonderfull, just something I always wanted. A calm job.
    We sat down and started to speak ,I was speaking with a woman about the things I had to do in the day then she said that i have a contract and that I have only half an hour left .
    I was like "nevermind, I wouldn't run out like crazy just because a contract in this time of the day, it doesnt matter . I missed it , thats it."
    Then I remembered that the contracts destination was near . So I was thinking about should I do it or not.
    While this the workers ended our little groupie talk, and started to pick up things and go home, I saluted them, and then choosed to go.
    I was approaching my car when the dream ended.


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