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    A ToTM? Jogging

    by , 04-08-2015 at 04:12 PM (517 Views)
    I'm halfly lucid . I don't know that its not a dream but I know that I can do anything.
    I'm in another city , Near my friends house, I SENSED.
    Even though I didnt know where I was , I knew I'm halfway to the city where my friends house is
    around 5km away.
    I start to run in the suburban, Soonly I start to get really fast.
    And then I feel energy in my legs and now I start to get veeery veery fast.
    I'm dashing through the air I take steps like jumping , I run of course, but every step is around 30m long.
    I'm fast as hell and I'm really happy about that.
    Everything is vivid as I going through this suburban , The houses, the gardens , a school ,and then houses again.
    I jump over a car passing by , then an old woman, its hilarious how fast I am.
    I sense when the way changes direction and I just going through streets like water, very swiftly .
    I arrive at my friends house, with my other friends, and we plan to drink something , then everything falls apart
    and now the house is a void place , the ladders are floating in the nothing, even the other parts of the room,
    Some weird things happen, we go up and down , then we get high.
    After the party is ended I tell them I go home.
    Its night , I start to run again fast As f***.
    Awesome speed, the night sky is clear, stars are shining, and I'm going with godspeed.
    As this way I go home and arrive in my city in 10-15 minutes.
    Before I achieved home the dream ends.

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