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    1. Now that was a WILD?

      by , 04-06-2015 at 10:33 AM (GDreamer's spaghetti)
      After failed tryings in the morning I got raged out and decided to just stay still, even if my parents are awake and loud as fuck.
      So there I was , waiting, after around 10-20 minutes I lost lucidity but quickly regained. Was just wandering around in the thoughts , and was visualizing a square because I wanted to make my own dreamscape .
      A starting room , not so much but failed.
      After a while I had HI , But it stopped after I moved my eyes, then I had a similar thing but now I was able to walk around , I suppose that was the dream but it was all hazy , maybe because I was hearing the noises outside and the noises were loud.
      but I stay inside.
      Everything is foggy, the eyelid void was covering all my vision, it was very unstable like if its gonna collapse in any moments, But I didnt care.
      So I was before this supermarket, in the parking lot was some kind of festival , no cars , only stages and tents
      Then I entered a shop, it seemed to be selling decorations but then I saw little guitars ,ouds, tried them and it sounded like the normal ones. The cashier woman said something , but I didnt listen. Then I gone over there and tried to kiss her. But just before I did , I falled over into the dreaming void this reddish, smokey thing.
      In the next moment I was having sex with someone , then I transported into my room.
      I was sitting on my bed , looking at the clock. I blinked , nothing changed, I blink again, now its goes 20:00a
      I blink twice again , now its 00:08
      I got sure that I'm still sleeping , but I still hear the outside noises, all is unstable.
      At this point I wake up because for some reason , I wake up when its 10 am.

      So now that was a shitty quaility successfull WILD?
    2. Zombie apocalypse , shorty.

      by , 04-05-2015 at 03:22 PM (GDreamer's spaghetti)
      So I was just having a zombie apocalpse , driving a car around with some people ,
      They were shooting the zombies sometimes a buddy took the wheel and I went to search for my "friends"
      They were all abducted for a minute I was able to talk to them normally but then they tried to kill me
      I jump out of the building, parkour scene, lazer shootings , a lotta modern shite is being used , chaos.
      Somehow we manage to go back to our base, my workplace . Theres some people. they have weird equipment . Some of them is anime (WTF) characters.
      Tags: note, short, zombie
    3. The Other Side : Part 1

      by , 03-20-2015 at 09:15 PM (GDreamer's spaghetti)
      The next dreams I going to write are true dreams . Its not a fantasy thingy.
      I just gonna write a series of dream that happened around 2012 when I was a 9th'er.
      Those dreams are not quite normal, they had a big story thats forming and , in the same time it was free from any changing. I suspect at a point, it may be that I had shared dreams?

      In all of those dreams ,I was halfly lucid, in some of them gained full lucidity.
      So here it goes.

      first of all: I already had a few lds before these ones, thats when I developed to fly, and do things with fire,but nothing interesting happened.

      [CENTER][B]entry 1 : Fun [/B][/CENTER]
      I became lucid somehow, all I remember is that this is the place I wanted to be. Oh yeah.
      So I can meet[B] him[/B], but who is [B]he[/B]?
      And so I did, I was before a supermarket in my city.
      It was night, stars were on the sky, it was all clear.
      I was walking towards the entrance people were all around , and there was my best friend.
      We shake hands and I say "finally we did it , we're in a dream"
      he was like "yeah, yeah, where do we go?"
      I looked up and I've seen a pyramid on the roof .
      -"Lets check this out, wait , can you fly?'"
      -" I hope I can"
      -" All you need to do is just float up..."- As I said this I jumped up and started to fly up
      I arrived to the roof looked down.
      -"Try , or if it doesnt work just jump up"
      Then he suddenly jumped up
      -"Nice work, now let's check this weird pyramid out"
      The pyramid was made out of stone , but it contained iron too, I cant quite describe it . it was a bit shining but dark. It had carvings on it.
      We climbed up on it
      -" And now, what we gonna do , we can't enter it" - he said
      -"Wait.... Just try to break in , search for weak points..."
      And so we tried , a few seconds and my friend broke it in.
      -"Nicely done"
      -"Now lets go it, you go , I would fall down and trip" - he said
      -"but you can fly and you wont get hurt , just try."
      -"I'll cover you, just in case something happens outside" - he said
      Then I got in
      "Jeez, its all dark I can't see shit, wait"
      I concentrated on my index finger and a light gone out ,but it doesnt illuminated anything.
      then I concentrated more and now I was able to see
      -"Awesome , man" - he said
      Now I started to walk around, there was pillars made from the same fabric, I approached the walls.
      ANd I've seen weird writings, some one of these were like if its egyptian.
      I was amazed it was all so clear and vivid , then I woke up.

      The day after that , dreams were occuring ,awakening at the same place but now afar from the super market ,I was fire bending, one time I burned myself.

      And who is [B]him[/B]. no , I'm not talking about my best friend.
      After I moved to another school , things happened , I found friends, and with one of my best friends in this new class. around one year ago we made a lucid dreaming project, and wanted to have a shared dream, we wanted to meet just on the place I woke up in the dream. In the bus stop. we never did succeed.
      Weird coincidence

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    4. Time Travel , good workplace.

      by , 03-14-2015 at 06:41 PM (GDreamer's spaghetti)
      I become lucid, now I don't know where am I.
      It seems to be a park, some kind of broadwalk.
      There was a chair, I stand here thinking what should i do, I didnt seen far away, it was night.
      and there was only a few lamps ,but after 10-20 meters theres no lamps, only the void.
      Then seconds after I realize thats a dream , a classmate comes, I dont like him, he's not even my friend.
      So he came here and we start to talk about that its a dream.
      Then I float him up in the air with telekinesis so I prove him that its a dream.
      He says he knows, I continue , I plan to kill him.
      we laugh because its funny for some reason that I use telekinesis.
      Then he says "stop , or we wont be able to go".
      It seems he already knew that its a dream ,actually he never said that its not.
      I say "where?"
      And he says "back to the day it has all begun".
      Then I see a black screen in my vision.
      Then he asks where to go , and somehow I sense out the date of "the day when it has all begun"
      I was tipping around 2003 , 2004 then it becomes clearer.
      Its 2003 , september 9.
      "The first day I began school in x (in reality I wanted to say y but idk why I couldnt , I didnt even wanted to g o to 2003 but 2009 because consciously I thinked that it was the date).
      Here we go.
      the screens gone, me and my classmate's still in the same park , but now there are more lights, and actually a city outside the park.
      We walk out in short time, I realize its the city I live in .
      Then I realized that it would fuhkk siht' up if I meet with myself, which was obviously not possible because it was late night. Actually Idk if it was 1 am or around 10 pm.

      Then we were gone to some place, at this point my memory becomes foggy, so I skip now.

      After we did what we needed to do we gone into the future, I dont know the date , its around 10 years after I finished the school I am in now.
      I had some kind of office job and also a delivery job, I needed to handle out these documents, before the day ended , it was 11 pm. I had one hour to do this job.
      The rules was these: Office job is something I always have to do, but if I want extra money I can accept those "contracts" where I handle out documents to places ,peoples ,corporations and doing further operations with these documents or just simply giving it . But If I fail to handle out a contract like this before the end of the day then somebody else will get the job and I get no money for it.
      The place was nice, I was surrounded by nice people, they were friendly and there were wonderfull woman.
      According to this dream, we were working till midnight, and always before the day ended we grouped , sit down and speak about the day etc, while drinking some coffe. It felt wonderfull, just something I always wanted. A calm job.
      We sat down and started to speak ,I was speaking with a woman about the things I had to do in the day then she said that i have a contract and that I have only half an hour left .
      I was like "nevermind, I wouldn't run out like crazy just because a contract in this time of the day, it doesnt matter . I missed it , thats it."
      Then I remembered that the contracts destination was near . So I was thinking about should I do it or not.
      While this the workers ended our little groupie talk, and started to pick up things and go home, I saluted them, and then choosed to go.
      I was approaching my car when the dream ended.

    5. Shorty number many : Fail to lightning

      by , 01-04-2015 at 07:06 PM (GDreamer's spaghetti)
      This morning I entered again.
      Now I was before my house , It was night.
      I was tried to make lightning with my hands .
      I used my imagination and a blue orb around my hands popped up and then dissapeared.
      So that was all.
    6. Another Short Lucid

      by , 12-30-2014 at 06:42 PM (GDreamer's spaghetti)
      I began to hear the noise of paralysis but I can't keep it going
      I lost my lucidity while falling asleep.
      I became lucid spontaneously. I'm before my house I see that there's some kind of festival going on, not a big deal, theres not soo many people.
      I go outside to the street and start to walk up the mountain .
      While walking I rub my hands and say dream , over and over.
      Sometimes I start to fly to test my ability if I can..
      I turn on the visibility of galaxies and I see the milky way, now its different and I see a red nebula around 3-4 light years from us , its not big , a little bigger than the moon.
      Its beautifull, I feel good and then I arrive to the next street.
      Then I woke up
    7. (nonlucid) Apocalypse , elite fighters with lots of stuff

      by , 12-24-2014 at 11:00 AM (GDreamer's spaghetti)
      I don't remember much of the dream.
      All I know is it began in a city in a highland, all covered in snow.
      The city is partially destroyed , smoke is coming up from buildings in the center of the city.
      I have a tablet , I watch the news. It was true: A evil organization leads the world and
      now decided to destroy the majority of humanity, police brutality etc.
      On a video I see protesters and policeman fighting in a supermarket .
      One of the policemen grabs a guy , he falls , then kicks him in the face ,
      Blood comes up from his face , A LOT of blood, his face is destroyed.
      I can't believe what I see.
      Now they grab his leg and spin this guy in the air , everything is covered in blood.
      They throw the guy , the people started to run for their lives as they witness the horror.
      I stopped the video. I'm near a big tree like thing, it has many and big leaves. Its my cover.
      I climb up with my AK47 to look around.
      I see the a few police man coming . They seen me .
      Now they try to climb up on the tree, I know if they get me , I'm dead.
      I remember that I have a weapon , so I grab my AK47 and shoot em' down.
      I shoot down a few other people, they became cannibals or zombies, I don't know.
      All I know is that they want blood.
      Somebody comes, he seem to be normal. We become allies.
      He tells me that he's from the elite forces , what belongs to an organisation which purpose is to stop this illuminati crap, they're equipped with high tech stuff.
      He asks if I want to join I say " hell yeah , of course".
      Soonly , these vehicles arrive, there is some flying balls which similar to the death star
      from star wars , but these are its miniature versions , a bit different.
      So I get into one of theese balls that can fly ,and then we fly down the mountain\highland.
      To a green plain. There's trees and villages.
      I have a hud, we get the locations of the targets , and theyre marked.
      We go there and kill them all.
      In the rest of the dream we do this till I woke up.