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    Book of Cursed Dreams

    I have normal dreams from time to time, but often they're strange and twisted.

    Intentional Control

    1. Parkour in minecraft LD

      by , 03-29-2024 at 07:38 PM (Book of Cursed Dreams)
      Color code

      I used wild to enter the dream.

      I felt my body floating as I transitioned into sleep, it felt like I was floating upward as visuals started to appear, it was Minecraft again. The terrain was unnatural and there were layers of floating land masses that were built using a single layer of dirt at various heights.


      There was an unrecognizable song playing as I was floating, I couldn't control the melody, but I was in control of the vocals. It was euphoric. "I will remain calm" I injected into the song's lyrics. I didn't want to wake up from excitement.

      I landed on one the highest floating blocks and began running forward, jumping to new blocks I looked down and could see my legs, they looked like my normal legs I noticed. I could feel my excitement growing as I continued running. I wanted to calm down a bit more, so I decided to turn around and see what was there.

      As soon as I did though, everything went black, and I could now feel body hallucinations as I became aware of my body. I opened my eyes and could see through my eyes as I was lying in bed and couldn't move, I thought this was a false awakening because the light was on in my room and I left it off, I was still disturbed because I couldn't move and closed my eyes again to finally wake up.

      Note: I need to stop derailing my dreams before they become grounded.
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    2. Losing the van 3/27/24

      by , 03-29-2024 at 06:41 PM (Book of Cursed Dreams)
      Color code

      *There was a lot of dream story I can't remember before this point*

      My mom was driving her van as she answered her ringing phone. It was from a lady at a school, they were talking for a bit when the lady realized that my mom was driving while talking.
      "You shouldn't be talking on the phone while driving!" The lady hung the phone up.

      *Some stuff happened after this and somehow, I ended up driving the van, trying to bring it back to my parents' home*

      I began to approach a drawbridge; it was only wide enough for one vehicle at a time. There were three semi trucks driving down it, as soon as one exited I drove onto the bridge despite the fact that it was too narrow. Alarms stared to sound and I stopped to put the van in park. The bridge deck started to lift up allowing a boat to pass under. As the bridge deck lowered I could see that the two semi trucks were still coming, I pulled off onto a pocket to allow them to pass me.

      After parking the van on the pocket I could now see there was no way to drive the van over to the other side of the bridge. Now walking down the bridge I was met with a fence that I couldn't get over. I noticed a trap door and I thought I could probably pick the lock to get inside of it.

      "Hold on my friend I got the key" I heard from behind, looking up I see that it's Cruz.
      *he works for the general contractor at the job I'm currently at.*
      "It's okay I can pick the lock" I reassure him. He ignores me and tries to hand me the key put drops it into a container of glue. "All the more reason for me to pick the lock" I think to myself. Undeterred he picks the key up and opens the trap door anyway.

      I climb down the trap door and somehow end up in my parents backyard walking up to the home with two other people. "Oh no, I left the van behind" I remember.

      "Well this is just a dream so I can just imagine driving the car to bring it back here" I think to myself now closing my eyes. Everything is now dark with some swirling noise in the background. Unfortunately, no matter how hard I'm trying to imagine it I can't seem to see it, I can't even feel that thought to make any sense. It's as if my will is being suppressed by the expectations of the dreams logic. I open my eyes and see that I'm still walking with the two men up to the house.

      We were right outside the house now, the two men set up a latter to climb up to the roof. They pull one of the shingles back to reveal that there was no tar sealing them in. "We're going to have to take down all of the shingles and reseal everything", After they said that I could now see my dad, he had an embarrassment look on his face, as if he should have known about this.

      Note: This was the second time that I could remember where my dream self knew I was in a dream but I wasn't fully lucid.

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