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    Book of Cursed Dreams

    I have normal dreams from time to time, but often they're strange and twisted.

    Intentional Control

    1. Market robbery-Night of 4/7/2024

      by , 04-09-2024 at 12:48 AM (Book of Cursed Dreams)
      History, Werewolfs Vampires etc..-screenshot_20240408_184440_samsung-health.jpg History, Werewolfs Vampires etc..-screenshot_20240408_184458_samsung-health.jpg History, Werewolfs Vampires etc..-screenshot_20240408_184502_samsung-health.jpg

      *Need to go to sleep earlier, I could sense if I laid in bed longer I would have a lucid but sadly I have to work!*

      J and I were in a Walmart trying to buy some bread that was on a quick spinning display. It was frustrating because every time we tried to grab it other products would get knocked over. The time window to grab it was less than a second.

      We ended up getting frustrated and decided we needed revenge by robbing the store of random stuff. we started making an escape when we realized we didn't have a car. We stole a really old, rusted metal bodied car and took off.

      J was driving and I was somewhere in the back feeling a hole in the vehicles exhaust, it was blasting air out and was sparking.

      Some time passed and the police caught up to us, pulling us over. As J pulled over, he got out and ran to the back of the vehicle "Watch out a snake!" he pushed a stolen inflatable snake that was hanging out of the trunk and slammed it shut, hiding the stolen goods. "We need to search your vehicle!" demanded the officer. "Show me a search warrant first!" J retorted. The officer looked annoyed and told us to stay put as he walked back to his car.
      We knew we were in trouble so we booked it while he wasn't looking. We got pretty far away and found a large wall camouflaged like the surrounding area, it had a door we decided to go through.

      I wake up.

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