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    The Blanket Dimention (LD)-night of 4/20/24

    by , 04-22-2024 at 02:19 AM (72 Views)
    The first thing I remembered was my mom offering me a vegan beef jerky stick. I accepted her offer and took a bite. It was very tasty and juicy. After taking a few more bites, I noticed that there was a green slime all over it. I began scratching it off and thought to look where she grabbed it from. It was next to a window AC unit and there was slime and mold all over the other jerky sticks.

    Starting to get nervous, I searched google on my phone what would happen if you ate slime mold.

    • You will experience extremely vivid lucid dreams.
    • If more than a drop is ingested, you will die."

    "Oh no" I thought as I start pacing around and as my vision begins to fade, I feel extremely tired and find a place to fall over. I hear my mom say something about needing to keep me awake so I don't die.
    Everything is black and I can sense my body free floating in the void. "I ate a lot more than one drop, I guess this is the end of me." I accepted my fate.

    "Wait, that was a dream, I didn't eat any mold." glad to be alive I began flying upward into the void, seeing different images of worlds and places as I flew. What solidified was a world where the ground, walls, and sky were made up of an enormous blanket.

    "Time to skydive teleport"
    *This is a task I made up where I look at an object on the ground that has similar color to a place I want to teleport to. I dive into it and imagine that I'm actually skydiving into the place I want to go to.*

    I see a tan rectangle in the blanket and attempt to visit a desert, instead of shrinking down and skydiving like I wanted, I'm just moving downward, and the blanket is being pushed down with me. I start swinging my arms around feeling the blanket as I look up and attempt to speak to my subconscious mind. "You and me are going to have a lot of fun together!" I began flying back up. "Could you create a dream character that represents you?" I plead. "Okay." A very quiet and meek sounding voice responded. "Did you agree to do it?" Not sure if I actually heard anything or not. "Yes!" it responded a bit louder but just as meek. I look around and see a huge muscular black guy. He starts rapping.
    "Some people think they're all that, but they only good in the hood."

    I lose lucidity at some point listening to him. I can't remember the rest of the rap, it was very good though. It had to do with people who think they're really good because the people around them are bad.
    I wake up.

    Note: first long DILD
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