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    Book of Cursed Dreams

    Fragments-Night of 4/5/2024

    by , 04-07-2024 at 12:50 AM (55 Views)
    blogs/gejoh/attachments/10886-fragments-night-4-5-2024-screenshot_20240406_184423_samsung-health.jpg blogs/gejoh/attachments/10887-fragments-night-4-5-2024-screenshot_20240406_184428_samsung-health.jpg

    Sleep was good but I still feel a bit tired from the poor sleep from before, didn't attempt lucid dreaming for sake of sleep.
    My problem is I know how to get lucid but the way I get lucid needs to be refined.

    *This was a very long dream, all I can remember was seeing a toilet full of poop. :/*

    My ring and middle fingers were stuck together and they got separated somehow. From where they met there was now a red fleshy area left over, I could see three mirrored splinters on each finger.
    *a lot of stuff happened that I can't remember.*
    My injured fingers began glowing with blue sparkles as I walked in a dark area.

    I was playing an online game with C and B. We were under attack non-stop by a cross-dimensional bug, it was way too strong for us to be fighting at the level we were at, it would send us to different areas of the game we couldn't handle and eventually we all died. We decided to start a new game, but we had concerns about the bug. "Don't worry we won't be seeing it again" C said. Confused by his answer I asked him how he knew. "The bug was because I forgot to change my armor, last week there was a contest to see who could die in the stupidest way." he takes his satanic helmet off, it was contrasting his priest outfit.
    *the contrasting armor set was an easter egg that spawned the bug.*

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    non-lucid , dream fragment