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    The infinity virus-night of 3/31/24

    by , 04-02-2024 at 12:54 AM (64 Views)
    I fell a sleep 2 hours later than usual.
    blogs/gejoh/attachments/10861-infinity-virus-night-3-31-24-screenshot_20240401_053207_samsung-health.jpg blogs/gejoh/attachments/10862-infinity-virus-night-3-31-24-screenshot_20240401_053211_samsung-health.jpg

    Woke at 12am
    Shopping with J
    J and I were driving to a market, he wanted me to check the time on google maps to make sure there weren't any slow downs. I could see the times on the map on our path counting down the further we got into the path from 50 to 45 then to 40, which I assumed meant there was no slow down.

    We arrived at the market and as we were entering there was a lady to our left following us out of sight.
    I could see there was a line of abandoned shopping carts at the cash register, we decided to walk in that general direction only to find isles full of apples, at the end there was some almond butter and I thought about dipping the apples in it for a snack.

    Woke at 5:20(40 minutes early)
    The Infinity Virus, Minecraft
    I was at my computer logging into a Minecraft server when two of my friends began talking about how the world got infected with the infinity virus. I looked up what the infinity virus was and saw that it could simply be created with typing a set of numbers (10,000, 4560, ???, ???) *I can't remember the last two numbers, but maybe that a good thing! * switching back to Minecraft, I could see the set of numbers that summoned the virus in yellow text on the left of the screen.


    We traveled a set path collecting items that we would need to give to the virus, my friends explained that it summoned an ancient entity that was now in full control of our world. *This is basically a Minecraft adventure map, not being taken too seriously* I could see my friend picking items up, there was some on top of the roof for a structure that could not be picked up, tried anyway and continued. After looting the first spot we found a huge set of armor made up of blocks, that set of armor belonged to the infinity virus.


    We looted a second spot and just like before there were items on a roof that couldn't be picked up, again, my friend tried to take them just to be safe. After looting the second site we continued, spotting a second set of armor. This time as we passed it lightning struck the armor setting it on fire, just then backslashes and forward slashes began spamming under the numbers that spawned the virus. We started running away from the armor, then I woke.


    Note: First time I'm playing Minecraft at a computer in a dream.
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