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    Liminal lucid-night of 4/6/2024

    by , 04-07-2024 at 01:59 PM (93 Views)
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    I slept pretty well.
    All of my LDs thus far have been through WILD.

    Although I am able to get LDs fairly easily I'm still relatively new when it comes to lucid dreaming, before the contest I just let myself naturally have them when I could "sense" I was able to have one.

    I have this fearful feeling like "wow, I'm going to lose my mind." But I know I'm not losing my mind, I'm just becoming aware of it and feeling afraid.

    Color code
    Intentional control

    Uncontrolled Drifting: WILD
    I'm drifting through this building. Floating up through the ceiling from one floor to another. I'm rubbing my hands together in an attempt to stabilize and gain control. The dream clarifies a bit but when I go to land back on the floor I just phase right through it to the floor below.

    *I wake up and remain still*

    School to Minecraft: WILD

    *Before I enter this dream, I'm telling myself I want to visit school.*

    I enter a school; the hallways are long and dimly lit. Everything is stable and I'm able to walk around for a while. I'm not really trying to do anything, and I get bored.


    I begin to fly at high speeds into the wall. I phase through it an now I'm in Minecraft and everything is bright. I remember my last three step task, Mass telekinesis, I see about 10 mobs and beckon them, they begin floating. I continue flying beckoning every mob I see, causing them to float and follow me. I see a hallway leading into the school I was just in and turn around to see them still following me like balloons and dismissively gesture the mobs.


    I turn back and land in the hallway, back to reality, I see someone and begin chasing them, it felt natural for some reason, they begin running away from me. I see them turn a corner and open a door, I jump into the air and attempt to stop them from closing the door by slowing down time, unfortunately that slows me down too. The door closes and I'm now frozen in time. I look around and see a monitor about 20 feet away, it has Minecraft on the screen, I'm able to control and play it from a distance. I stop after about 3 seconds though as I feel the dream ending.

    "Don't be fooled by a false awakening I remember last time"

    False Awakening?

    My eyes open and I can sense I'm not actually awake. Attempting to move my arms fails. "Sleep paralysis?" I've already decided the next time this happens I'm not going to close my eyes. Everything is very dark, moving like normal doesn't work so I imagine getting up and walking. It works, it doesn't feel like walking though, it feels like I'm just seeing through the eyes of someone I told to walk, it's very slow and takes a lot of will power to move.
    I'm now standing and I'm fighting back fear. The room I'm in looks like a distorted version of my room. The door to the living room here is much further away then it should be and there's no bathroom door. Continuing my struggle I open the door and can actually hear the creaking. I see the TV already has YouTube on it.

    *I set an intention for this exact scene, the next time I wake up in my apartment I'm going to get up and watch YouTube on the TV*

    The living room looks very distorted, and everything is misplaced, movement feels more natural now, I go to sit down on the couch and read what's on the screen, "wok", "mill" and something else. It's just gibberish and I don't know how to play any videos.

    I wake up

    Note: I'm very close to completing my personal goals, I feel like I overcame my fear of retaining awareness after a false awakening, but I wouldn't consider this to be exploring a real place or watching YouTube.

    Also maybe I shouldn't chase helpless DCs if I want to talk to them.

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