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    Minecraft To False awakening-Night of 4/3/24

    by , 04-04-2024 at 06:33 PM (206 Views)
    blogs/gejoh/attachments/10880-minecraft-false-awakening-night-4-3-24-screenshot_20240404_052910_samsung-health.jpg blogs/gejoh/attachments/10879-minecraft-false-awakening-night-4-3-24-screenshot_20240404_052850_samsung-health.jpg

    I was too anxious from the FA to fall back asleep; I considered stopping lucid dreaming I was so disturbed. My terror and dreams are separate things however, they can happen at the same time but they're not causally related.
    I'm not going to stop because I was afraid!

    Color Code

    Intentional control

    It's around 4:15
    While laying down relaxing I'm imagine myself walking in the dark. It starts to feel very real; I continue on and soon after each step I take gravity weakens until with a tap of the toe I'm sent into space. I float for a few seconds, "Well, why not visit Minecraft?" accepting the fact that I dream of it so often, I hear the sound effect of falling into a body of water.

    I still don't see anything so I imagine pressing a space bar on an imaginary keyboard so I can float up, just then I can see that I'm in a body of water. I make it to the surface and then float above the water. "What was my task?" it feels like the dream world is fading as I ask myself this question, I land then begin focusing on the tree's and notice some tall green Mario pipes with a 2d image of Kirby on them. Everything stabilizes.

    "Element control!" I turn back to the water and command, "Rise water, rise!!!" I bring my hands in-font palms facing up and raise my hands. A medium portion of the water is reacting but only lifts about six feet into the air, never disconnecting with the body of water.

    Satisfied I turn back to the Mario pipes and think about what else I can do, I phase through the Mario pipe to look inside, in the center of the pipe where the ground meets, I see another 2d image of Kirby.

    I fly back up in the air and circle the area just taking in everything. The dream begins to fade.

    *I think I wake up, I want to grab my phone after the lucid so I can record an audio file.*

    I sit up in bed and hear a swooshing sound and feel off, I reach for my blanket and when I grab it, I immediately notice that I can't actually feel anything. The blanket moved so realistically, I'm filled with a sense of terror, "Is my brain messed up?" "Am I awake but my body is asleep and that's why I can't feel anything?" I'm questioning my sanity at this point and simply decide to lay back down and close my eyes.

    I wake up.
    I should have known it was a false awakening and remained calm, the light was on, I heard strange sounds, I couldn't feel the blanket.
    This was my first time moving around while fully conscious in a false awakening and it really caught me off-guard.
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    1. theshirecat's Avatar
      I love the images showing off dream control. Awesome!
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    2. Gejoh's Avatar
      ChatGPT has this thing where you can select an area in a generated image and tell it what you want changed or added.

      sometimes when I add too many descriptions to the image, it never comes out looking like something I saw. But now I can focus on the background then make it add the little details like the pipes in the forest, then adding stickers of Kirby on them.
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    3. theshirecat's Avatar
      Oh really? I didn't know that. Is it part of ChatGPT plus? I use that for many of my images as well.
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    4. Gejoh's Avatar
      Plus not required I believe, you can click the image and theres an edit button.

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      Updated 04-05-2024 at 04:58 PM by Gejoh
    5. theshirecat's Avatar
      This is awesome, thank you! I didn't realize the feature existed because I've been using a different GPT for image generation (and the inpaint is part of the default ChatGPT).