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    Book of Cursed Dreams

    sunken pyramid (night of 3/29/24)

    by , 03-30-2024 at 03:20 PM (145 Views)

    I was trying to watch YouTube with my dad next to me and one of the video's as I was scrolling had an explicate thumbnail which infuriated my dad, I tried explaining to him I don't control what appears in the recommended.

    *a lot of story happened before this point, everything was non-lucid*

    I was with my brother and we found a sunken pyramid in a lake. He jumped into the water swimming around it. "Come on in!" he pleed. I reluctantly jumped into the water noticing that it was very cold. We started having a contest to see who could hold their breath underwater the longest. I used my toes to grip the edge of the pyramid to pull me under the water, going deeper and deeper until I could see the underside of the pyramid, it was floating and I could see a entrance at the bottom.


    I swam back up to the surface to tell my brother about what I found, I let him know I was going to go inside. I swam back down to the bottom and entered the pyramid, Suddenly the theme turned into Minecraft, everything was blocky. Looking around I noticed a lot of hostile mobs and a place I could jump too to escape the mobs.


    Now running towards the safe spot I was taking a lot damage from the mobs, closer and closer I was getting but it wasn't enough. I could see my health bar go to zero and everything froze as a yellow tint overlayed my vision.

    I heard the voice of a women, she seemed to be some sort of mastermind. "I planned for my daughter to explore the pyramid and die."
    The scene changed showing her face.


    I could sense there was a larger story taking place as I woke up.
    *Thought it was strange the lady called me her daughter, I'm a guy*

    Note: A fair bit of my dreams tend to end with them transitioning to the middle of a larger story taking place where they are aware of the dream that just happened. Even though while I'm dreaming it feels like a continuous story, I can never seem to remember it when I wake up.
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    Tags: cursed
    non-lucid , dream fragment , side notes


    1. HOTREDD's Avatar
      that's a real ominous ending, seemed to be more like an ending than the middle of a story.
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