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    Book of Cursed Dreams

    Unknown Weapon

    by , 05-04-2024 at 01:07 PM (63 Views)
    Me and a group of 5 people were trying to escape some sort of underground bunker. It was dark and there were two ladders that led upward, one closer and one much further away.
    The one closer to us had a camera next to it and a trap door under it. One of the people in the group approached the ladder and went up a few steps. "What is the weapon that causes disassociation?" the camera spoke. "A flame thrower?" the person on that ladder answered. A red light turned on and the trap door opened up, sucking him down. "Wrong!" The next person gave a similar wrong answer and got sucked down as well, leaving only 3 of us left.
    One of the members decided to make a run for the ladder on the far end, I followed. We climbed up the ladder and opened the hatch revealing daylight. Unfortunately, we were still trapped. It led to a room with iron bars at every wall. The person giving the test was visible. "What's the answer!?" the guy I followed asked. "There is no answer, it's what you make of it." he said with a smile on his face. We climbed back down and made our way back to the other guy that was still in line for the ladder, I started thinking to myself about how isolation could be the answer. "Isolation causes disassociation." The guy in front of me heard what I said and climbed the ladder. "What is the weapon that causes disassociation?" the test giver asked again. "Isolation!" the guy said, stealing my answer. A green light lit up and the hatch above opened allowing him out. "I shouldn't have said that out loud, I have to think of a new one now." I began thinking "maybe apathy and fear?" I climbed the ladder, and he asked the question again. "Apathy and..." I was answering as he interrupted me. "Hold your phone up to the camera."
    I pulled my phone out and it had a circular spinning loading screen with other intricate details that somehow identified me. I hold the screen to the camera but it's having a hard time registering because the ladder I'm on is swinging back and forth in an unpredictable manner. I countered the swinging motion with my arm, sort of like a chicken's head when you pick it up and move it around. A sound played that told me it was successful. He then gave me a complicated set of instructions that I couldn't understand. All I knew is that he wanted me to open up a certain app and find something he made to hold up to the camera. I opened the app he made. I see a snake with a metal shiny black and red patterned skin, the texture and colors of the snake was moving from tail to head. "Cool." I thought as I continued trying to find what he wanted. I started clicking around and an isometric game opened up. I kept clicking around and before I knew it there were around 10 layers of different screens opened up on the app. I was having difficulty navigating the app. I remember seeing another image of something with a metallic texture moving across the centered object.

    Note: Strange long dream, there's details of how we got trapped that I can't seem to remember. The day before this I was thinking about how feeling emotions is sort of like disassociating from them, and when you feed into them, it only strengthens them.
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    1. ErraticHopper's Avatar
      Ooh, this is really cool and detailed! Great that you remembered so much. I have an issue where I wake up after a long and interesting dream and think I'll write it down later; then, predictably, I forget it all. The app is pretty interesting - I wonder what the guy wanted.
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