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    Weight lifter/brief lucid-night of 4/1/2024

    by , 04-02-2024 at 11:55 PM (136 Views)
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    blogs/gejoh/attachments/10868-weight-lifter-brief-lucid-night-4-1-2024-screenshot_20240402_055129_samsung-health.jpg blogs/gejoh/attachments/10869-weight-lifter-brief-lucid-night-4-1-2024-screenshot_20240402_055123_samsung-health.jpg
    -woke up at 1:20am
    -poor sleep, way too excited about lucid dreaming to fall back to sleep on time.
    -fell back asleep around 5am woke around 5:40am

    I was trying to pee at a urinal when someone walks right up the urinal next to mine and starts peeing, mind you this is a very small restroom and there's no dividers. After a few seconds of awkwardly standing there, I start to pee as-well.

    I see three brothers, one skinny, one skinnier, and one skinniest.
    Skinny pats skinnier on the back and says "I'm skinny all thanks to my bro!" Skinnier says the same thing to Skinniest and pats him on the back too.

    Weight Lifter
    There's a large exercise room where there's probably around 25 women and they just got done with an intense exercise. One of the women who completed the exercise no problem was approached by a slightly chubbier women who was struggling a bit. "You had such as easy time, you've been lifting since you were ten right?" The chubbier women asks. "You have no idea how hard it was! You've never tripped!" the fit women says as a cut scene plays showing her as a child tripping.
    *I think to myself, what does that have to do with anything?*

    Smooth Lucid *It's around 5:30am*
    I hear faint smooth jazz playing, I'm floating in a void, I'm lucid.
    Everything is black but attempting to control the music proves fruitful. I'm in full control of it, it's hard to explain but, I feel like I'm in total control of every beat of the drum, the saxophone, lyrics, guitar and other melodical instruments. It kind of sounded like smooth operator. I'm the most relaxed I've ever felt before, I wish I could float here forever. I spend about 2-5 minutes playing with the music and lyrics, which I can't remember because it was highly improvisational. I get a bit exited and start adding energy to the music, I decide it's time to start tunneling,
    *Tunneling is what I like to do to transition out of lingering voids, it involves me flying forward as fast as I can while imagining traveling through a worm hole to an unspecified location, I let my brain come up with where I end up*.
    I can feel my body accelerating extremely fast as lines begin to shoot past my vision.


    Suddenly I hear a cat meowing, It's Arthur begging for food. As I'm going down the tunnel I become aware of my body lying in bed and wake up.

    Note: I stopped letting my cats sleep with me and Arthur, the big baby, meows under the door constantly. Maybe that's why I had a hard time falling asleep. Time to wear ear plugs!

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    1. Harlequin's Avatar
      Tunneling is an interesting idea! Maybe I'll remember to try that one next time I'm stuck in a void.

      Good luck with the cats, my cat will barely be quiet if I close the bathroom door to take a shower let alone lock her out all night
      Gejoh likes this.
    2. Gejoh's Avatar
      I feel bad locking them out, but my cats are noisy, and they mess with me when I sleep sometimes :/

      When I'm in a void I look for visuals to fly towards, that tends to work. If there are no visuals, I find that if "tunnel" I'm more likely to see something to fly towards from the intense acceleration.
      It's all about mental gymnastics I think, as long as the logic makes sense to you it will most likely work.