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    Climbing in trees and men on fire.

    by , 11-25-2014 at 03:51 PM (637 Views)
    SO I remember it starting I was in the water like lake Michigan. It was a really long sandbar and I was swimming/walking in the water. I look around on the ground looking for fish and I see these objects near the bottom I go under water for a moment and I see a shark just resting on the bottom of the lake like 10 ft from me. I’m like oh that’s odd sharks are this close to the beach? So I start going back to shore I see a few more but they are all just chilling. I get out of the water and like am jumping onto trees trying to use vines and branches to swing myself higher going from tree to tree.
    I did this for a while and then asked this other guy/bet him he couldn’t get on top of this certain tree. SO he takes the challenge and is like let me parkour first to get into the rhythm I was like oh okay that’s fine. SO he runs and jumps over this metal thing but there was a cop there and didn’t like that so the cop comes after him the dude turns around and throws some gas on them and then uses this like torch thing and sets the cop on fire and starts running. Another cop comes and almost gets burnt to (first guy didn’t get burned his feet did but he stepped into a puddle). Third cop comes up and gets torched and we can smell the burning flesh it was horrible. The guy is like now imploding and we can hear this super loud noise ringing around. Everything is like in slow motion at this point as I’m like slow jumping through the air trying to get out of the range of this blast.

    I come back to and I am in a mall that looked familiar from an earlier dream I walk past this lady and their mom and say what is so and so doing here I haven’t seen them in forever….Hmmm I think I’m dreaming… Hmm I think I’m dreaming…(pinch nose and breath in) Yup I’m dreaming. I walk through a door and it’s like an giant open green house like Fredrick Meijer gardens. This Asian lady walks up to me and smiles I she asks do you know me? I say yes, yes I do you are part of me. She smiles and starts walking away. I walk up to table that I see two guys sitting at. I begin to try to talk to them but one of the guy speaks broken English and is speaking in an Asian dialect. He is talking to this other man who is translating for him.
    I look at the man and ask him if he can help me learn a different language because I really want to learn Japanese/Korean/ mandarin. (I now am not fully lucid as I started slipping into the dream) I sit at a table with several other people that I know from school when I was younger. One of the people I still see often was not himself. He was younger looking, It was as if he was back in 5th grade, but I know it was him because somebody else even said his name and he responded. I chuckled in my head at how silly this was that I was seeing him at such a young age. There is a guy next to me that has a mustache and looks kind of like jack black. As person is talking to somebody else I go NACHOOOOOOOO… And the person stops talking and looks and says dang it now I’m going to think of nacho libre every time I see that guy.

    I wake up and think wow that was cool I had a Lucid dream first on in a while. I sit up and grab my dream journal and began to write down the dreams. I lay back down and sit there just thinking. I feel my awareness come back to me and I open my eyes and then close them again I sit there thinking about my dreams and I realize that last blip I just had didn’t happen I never woke up and I never wrote anything in my journal…..Sadly now my phone is going off and I have to leave for work.

    Dream fragments
    I am in a camper with several people and we are talking about leaving or going some place.

    Im in a kitchen with my mom and grandma and I am eating some chicken noodle soup. The soup is super salt for some reason and while im eating it I notice there is huge chunks of butter in the soup that stil have the wraper on them. ( around 2 sticks of butter after i pulled them out)

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