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    Dreams for 2/28

    by , 03-04-2014 at 05:08 PM (409 Views)
    I was in an apocalyptic world and went through a tunnel and met this individual. We went around inside the tunnel and collected different items as it was just filled with different stalls that had dishes’s food and other various items. I grabbed a few bananas that were going bad soon as they were getting very brown. I went further and met my partner and was like did you grab any fruit I got a few bananas he was like oh yes I got a lot of those as well. He shows me our bag and there is perfectly ripped bananas. I say oh nice! Let me put these back then as I quickly put the bananas I had onto a table.

    I was outside of a home but it seemed and felt like it was mine. I walked around and decided to go to some bodies else’s house. As I got there they asked me to watch some stuff so I did and just walked around their house. The trees were scattered around as the house was in the middle of a forest. The house itself was a brown and light brown/cream color. I walked through a Zen garden looking at how beautiful it was. I walked back upfront and the people were back and said that they were going to be having dinner soon with some guests and that I was welcome to join them. I started to make a meatball pastry but it had no meat. I made several kinds that were very weird. There was a Sulfur, a peppemermint, a normal, and last but not least a vanilla one flavored pastry. Nob I brought over some ceaser salad to a gentlemen that was complaining that there was no dressing and put the bowl of salad into some pasta that he was trying to serve himself and said here is your dressing all over the salad.

    I was in a rocky mountain area and a lady was running about. I tried to talk with her but she wouldn’t listen and she would just keep running around. I would then think to myself am I dreaming? So I would do an RC but while doing the RC I woke myself up and ended up doing it in waking life making them fail. I did that several times but each time I was at least able to WILD back into the previous dream. After about 3 attempts at doing RC’s I gave up and woke up as the same outcome kept happening.

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