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    Dreams of the night

    by , 11-14-2014 at 05:02 PM (469 Views)
    I was at my parents house at first and it was broad daylight my dad was helping me with this weeding device and wanted help doing his lawn. Some time went by and i realized he still needed help weeding. I began using the machine that was kind of like a snowplowing machine/ rotatil machine (to use to plow your garden) I had to hold it at a certian level to cut the grass just right to the smallest level. I began going and one of the blades broke so i had to replace it. Some time went by and now it was black outside, I began to cut the grass and found this blade was acting up and i was going to close to the ground and was starting to remove the grass and just have dirt underneath. I kept going and used my flashlight on my cellphone to see where i was going. After some time the blade also broke and i began to head in. it was about 5 am now in the dream as my parents were up and leaving for work. My dad saw me outside and said thanks for doing the lawn.

    Dream shift.

    I was inside a church kind of setting. I was getting married / engaged to my parents friends daughter. We got put together by both parents and were sitting down at a table together. We were making origami swans and coloring them while talking about different things with the family. I was being polite and asking different things that she might like and started talking about what color she would like for the swan. The options were different color of blues. Dark blue, royal blue, light blue and a few other lighter shades of blue. She picked a light shade of blue and said because it matched my shirt that I looked so nice in. I smiled and thanked her for the kind compliment. We talked about how to be a good couple and to do things for one another to make things better for both of us. I began sharpening a pencil and whne i pulled it out of the sharpener the end of it was bubbled and when i pinched it lead fell out onto the table in a chunk.

    Dream shift.

    Im in a sporting place like a YMCA. I am in a swimming pool with a bunch of people and this one man/ thing is afraid to jump into the water saying he cant unless there is less people in the pool. After checking our swimming suits were still decent me and others got out of the pool and went upstairs. There I was with several family members. My brother was showing this old video of him for some reason when he was a baby and my mom was trying to feed him pickles. Inside the cup that had the pickles water spilt out though onto the carpet so you could see his arm reach infront of the camera to clean the water up. I see the pickles being fed to the baby as it makes weird faces from the sours. During this time I was given this big container of dog treats that i was eating. After almost eating the remainder of the treats a higher up person at my work asked if he could have some so i gladly gave him the container of dog treats.

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