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    First entry in a while

    by , 02-27-2015 at 06:14 PM (574 Views)
    After not doing dream recall and kind of slacking on the LD attempts Im trying to work my way back into doing this. last night I had several big dreams that linked but i could only remember fragments when i woke up.

    Im in a theater that is filled with people, I am up on stage playing with a partner agaisnt two other people. I notice how hot and sweaty I am so i decide to undo my button up shirt and sweatshirt i had on. After some time I left and hung out at a house. While i was there i went upstairs into my cousions bedroom and found that he had stuff stashed in his flooring. i peeled back the floor and looked at what he had stashed. There was some fake blood and some other small items that i didnt really know what they were. Nothing of interest though so i put the carpet back down on the floor and covered it up. I got up and went downstairs and we all got into a van and headed out. We arrived at the location and I realized i was the only person who didnt take a shower and I am kind of stinky because of it. I try and hide the fact by taking one of the peoples hats that had the bears symbol on it.

    Im in a garage cleaning and moving some stuff around in it. Part of the wood/boards i was movign broke and i dropped a board and it hit a dog that was on the ground below me. I brought the dog inside to get it washed up and clean the wound. When i got inside the house there was this cat that really wanted me to hold / pet it. It jumped into my arms and i began to pet it as i got closer to where the dog was going to be washed i put the cat down but it was not very happy and tried to claw at me to pick it back up. I went into the bathroom where a DC was washing the dog. The entire room was the shower but there was some chairs in the room that were getting wet. So i told a DC outside the door to help me get these chairs out of the room. The dog got cleaned up and it had a minor scratch on it nothing serious.

    Im at a ski resort place and I'm sking down the hill with my wife. Next to me at one point i see a person that i recongnize from RL in my past. I meet back up with him at the bottom and he gives me a hug but then i realize its not him because this person is black and my friend is white. I think to myself this is odd and if i really know him. I find out him and several others are from the same school i went to growing up but they are many grades lower than what i was some of them are still in highschool and it was part of the football team. they push past me eventually and start to leave. I get seperated from the group i was with and start to look for them. I see this show going on in the parking lot as a bunch of cheerleaders started dancing and putting on this weird performance. I spot the people i was with and watch them. They start getting super loud and get yelled out to keep it down as they perform.

    Im in a bed with my wife but her friend is chilling in bed with us as well im trying to cuddle with my wife but she is upset for somereason. i get out of bed and put the covers on her and her friend so they cna have girl time.

    Im in a room with another man and this girl. We are interogating this girl and she is freaking out at how loud the room is. (its very quite) we put some headphones on her to help cut what ever sound she was hearing but it gets worse. We try to explain to her that its just the preasureizer in the room and that if it doesnt go off we are in trouble because its keeping the preassure down in the room.

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