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    laser tag smoking peeing on walls and having a blast.

    by , 03-05-2014 at 07:56 PM (479 Views)

    Dream 1
    Not lucid

    I arrived at my parentís house and was in my old room and kept taking off clothing and putting it back on because I didnít like what I was wearing. I did that several times and finally put a white shirt on and a short sleeved pink button up shirt that has blue strips on it. I went down the stairs and my parents were saying they were going to head out to my grandparentís house. So they went outside and got into a motor home. They said that I should probably go take a shower first because I smell like a dead animal that I stepped in. I went and took the shower and met back up with them afterwards.

    Dream 2
    Not Lucid

    I was inside a store like target or kohls and some other random people and I decided that we were going to play different sports. But at this moment it was time for laser tag. I set it up and was ready to start playing but a person said I did it wrong as I didnít give the bear costume to anybody. Also I didnít pick somebody to be the hostage that ran in front of the bear yelling OH NO OH NO OH NO OH NO~!! As they tried to get away from the bear. I grabbed the costume and gave it to a girl and told another girl to be the hostage and they agreed and put it on. We started the round and we looked all over for the other team but they never left base and so we went over there and shot them with our lasers and won the match. After the game the guy next to me tried to smoke his cigarette as we walked out the store but a lady that worked there came up and said he canít do that and he would get rid of it and then light up another one she came up again and told him yet again he couldnít do that. He told her that other people were doing it so he could as well. She said no they canít either I am going to tell them as well but first you need to stop. He finally put it out and vanished from my sight. I went into a bathroom before I left the store and as I walked in the lady was in there with the guy and she was putting out his cigarette in the urinal. She said I told you canít smoke here. She then left and he was upset about it. I started to go pee but realized I didnít like this urinal and I wanted to use a different one. I started peeing and walking and aiming for each urinal on the way to not get any on the floor or wall. As I did this I walked past the guy I was with earlier and accidently peed on him as he was in the way he got upset and left and I got closer to the urinal I wanted but as I got to it it vanished. I was still peeing this whole time and now my pee was going up the wall some people started coming in so I aimed to pee on the ground and acted like nothing was going on.

    Dream 3
    Not Lucid

    I went to my grandmaís house and went inside and went towards the bathroom but when I did my parents were in there getting ready for their anniversary. I told them happy anniversary and went out of the room.
    Dream 4
    Not lucid

    I was sitting on a couch with an old friend named Andrew and another random person. We were talking and I brought up that I saw his golden retriever in one of my dreams earlier that night. I was saying how torch was a good dog and was very nice. He also had a cat that was climbing around on the couch.

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