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    Playing games in a grcoery store and taking tests.

    by , 03-05-2014 at 07:41 PM (454 Views)

    Dream 1
    Not lucid

    I was in a grocery store/ super store. While I was in there I noticed it was a game day as people were playing different games all over. I walked over to one of them which was you had a big list of characters to pick from. People picked the different characters they liked and tried to jump into the game but they couldn’t seem to get into the game. Each person tried and tried till time ran out and then they would get out. It was now my turn as I walked up and looked at the list of characters. I looked at them all and in the bottom right hand corner I saw two characters that looked the same but one had a smile on it. They both looked like a big pile of poop. I picked the one without the smile and the icon vanished and I jumped into the black hole that was in its place. I was in the game and was running towards a row of cubicles hitting points on the wall to get coins. I turned right but it was a dead end I turned around and took another right and came to the exit and left the game. I was now on the outside of the store and came back in through an entrance. As I came back in people were cheering me on as I did really good job and how I had the best time. I told them it was nothing you just need to pick the shitty character to play and then just run straight. I told them I could of did better as wasted 5 seconds by taking the wrong turn instead of just going straight. I then left that game and went towards another game. This one involved rolling a plastic container of like some kind of seasoning. Not a small one but a medium sized container. I saw 1 person go first and they rolled it on the ground and it hit a really low prize and they got it. I noticed there was rock climbing stuff above that and a boat above that in the distance though there were some different prizes like coffee and cinnamon rolls and other things. I rolled and hit the coffee and went over and found out they ran out so I got to pick some waffles or cinnamon rolls I looked around for the prize but couldn’t find the correct sized package. The person behind me got gum and came over and found it and showed me. I got about 2 things of waffles and they got two sticks of gum we were upset as they were horrible prizes. I went over to a table and sat down and was talking with this girl at the table. She was upset and was saying she was upset because her dad died and he was a really nice guy.

    Dream 2

    I was heading into a class with a wooden chair and as I went in with it realized we weren’t going to be doing it outsie so I was upset that I brought this chair all the way with me.

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    non-lucid , dream fragment