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    Trying to meet my DG

    by , 11-04-2014 at 04:53 PM (634 Views)
    The room was dark visibility was very low in the room. I could make out the walls the door frame and the bed I was on. I hear somebody in the shower in the distance as I hear the water running. I look around and hear my father inlaws voice. He is talking to me but I cannot find out from where. It seems like he is outside the door but while sitting up in bed i cannot see him. I think to myself. This must be fake I must be dreaming. I pinch my nose shut and try to breath, a rush of air comes swarming in, it works! I then say lets just make sure again so I look at my hand and poke my finger through it. I feel the feeling as my finger slowly pushs through. I look up and think to myself, my DG will come to me. As I think this a male voice fills the room and yells EARTH QUAKE! like its trying to use a special ability. I think to myself that my wife isnt in bed with me which is odd. But think i think back to where my DG is. I see this figure come into the room its looks still confuse me. it had a white dress and a female figure. But its arms and head was not that of any human. There was brown and red and blue and other colors floating around the object. My best description would be somebody made of rock but the rocks are not touching they are being held up by water and filling the gaps of the rocks. On the outside of it all though is fire. The figure stepped onto my bed and began to stradle me. I panicked and got scared of the object and woke myself up.

    This is as close as ive come so far to seeing my DG other attempts I lose the dream before im able to try and get my DG to come. Last time i got this close i became lucid and thought to myself my DG will be behind me but as i said this I closed my eyes and couldnt open them again without openining my waking life eyes.

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    1. PercyLucid's Avatar
      First time I tried to meet my DG someone (jn the dream) told me he was on vacation hahahah.
    2. GenFalcon's Avatar
      haha percy thats pretty silly. I keep trying to meet mine but most of the times the dream would fall apart before i could complete the task. This was the first time I got so far, its still just odd to me what happened in this one. Im not sure if my brain was just messing with me or if my DG was testing me. All i know is next time I need to try and stay in the dream longer