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    24-Jan-2017 - WILD: The giant worm

    by , 01-24-2017 at 07:19 PM (247 Views)
    24-Jan-2017 - WILD: The giant worm

    1AM WBTB, no ND recall, fall asleep after

    6AM wake up, attempt WILD, success

    WILD: I materialize a canteen tray in my hands. I turn it around, observe its small details, little stains and cracks, until I feel confident the dream is stable enough. I look around, I am at the company canteen. I go take a red apple, I bite it few times.
    I am inside my car, in queue on the road I usually drive each morning. Around me, many more cars. Everything looks normal.

    Three rows ahead, the ground cracks and a giant black worm gets up.
    It's got scaled body, elongated head, bulging eyes, two short arms up in the body.
    I see people getting off their cars and running towards my back.

    The worm is trying to attack the people and I summon a transparent glass between the people and the monster.
    Then I attack the monster with long bursts of flames from my hands

    I summon a tornado close to the beast, cars start rotating in the air.
    I "push" cars from the tornado to its body, hurting it.
    I am at the office, V is with me. We talk a bit, then I ask her to pass me her phone, I point it towards her, and I see her in underwear on the screen. Nice.
    A short view of a light blue dodo (it was from a TV program)

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