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    3-Dec-2016 - 1ND + Long WILD Space station, Fairies' secret, Mad Scientist fight

    by , 12-03-2016 at 09:56 AM (532 Views)
    3-Dec-2016 - 1ND + Long WILD Space station, Fairies' secret, Mad Scientist fight

    ND: I am looking at some ugly video on the PC, my wife comes in, I try to close it, it doesn't work well (!!).
    She speaks to me, I am not focused on her so get up, turn off the monitor and walk away.
    There is also a bad sound, like a buzzing, coming out of speakers. We move to another room (!! doesn't look like our house), then she explains me something about a special offer, she's got a very colorful depliant in her hands.

    6:15AM, ~45 min
    Visualization includes discussion with some colleagues, then i invite V to join me. I reach the orbital space station of a previous dream, walk through the small warehouse, we reach the canteen. We look for a free table and sit down. I summon lasagne for her, a chicken leg for me.

    Dream looks stable. I look for the ring of mushrooms. First I am in a tropical jungle, no mushrooms, but I find a small ruined temple. I open some hidden doors but it's all empty, pillaged since long time. I think about the J1kM task of pressure plates, but don't feel like doing it now, so I move on.
    I reach the office again, and look in a nearby area with some high canes, no mushrooms.
    I go to my tower, walk in the direction of some trees, and I feel this time I'm going to find them.
    After some walking, I pull out of my jacket the magic book of yesterday dream, it's incredibly vivid and stable. I find a spell to find the mushroom ring, and when I look up, there is a circle of mushrooms of various colors among some oak-ish trees.

    The next page contains a spell to summon the fairies: I take some grass and crumble it over the mushrooms. Then I take a blue bird feather and drop it at the center of the circle. The fairies appear, floating above the mushrooms. Their skins are different colors, pink, brown, white; their wings too, one has orange wings, another violet, red, pink; the wings are slightly transparent. I decide it's worth to call my daughter to show her the faries, I turn to my back she's there, I take her hand, she comes closer, and hugs a fairy.

    Then I gently ask the fairies to uncover me one of their secrets. They tell me a secret is they live there. I ask for a more interesting secret, something that can help me in my dreams perhaps. They tell they can summon various woods animals, I tell if they can reveal me how to summon a wolf, that would be great. They tell me the spell words "Lupalbis Arenario" (?!?) I ask if I need any special item, answer no, but I can only summon it in the wilds. Hm, fair(y) enough
    The fairy in my daughter's arms has become an Ikea fairy plush she owns. I wave the fairies goodbye, before I go they give me a crown of leaves and daisies. I take my daughter's hand and we move on.
    I summon my tower, drop the crown and the plush there. I notice the room looks messy, need to do some tidy up, but not now...

    I go to a city, thinking that after this peaceful encounter, I don't feel like fighting (DHL).
    However, while walking, I notice a small personal "hover-plane" in the air. It drops a bomb on a street, which explodes; people scream and run.
    Then it drops some small, ugly, colored gummy monsters; one grabs my face, blinding me, I remove it and crush it down. Others run through the city, I shoot some fireballs and kill some.
    I understand it has to be the mad scientist. I shoot some arrows, but fail to hit him because of distance. I tell the spell and summon the wolf: it's dark grey and massive.
    Another bomb hits a tall building close to me, which starts collapsing towards me. I move under it, and sustain it with my body, then raise it back at its place.
    I am now angry at the scientist. I mount the wolf and chase the flying ship, shooting arrows and fireballs. I don't know why I decide not to fly up.
    The wolf jumps on a tall building, and keeps jumping on roofs. The scientist drops more bombs on the city.
    One of my shots hits the scientist saucer, which smokes and falls down in the street below.

    The wolf jumps down the building and we reach the crash site. I see the mad scientist, of course he's wearing a white coat.
    Somehow he summons a giant robot behind him, as tall as buildings around. I tell the wolf to protect some nearby children, he runs to them and accompanies the kids far away, I see sight of it.
    I score some hit to the robot, to no effect though. The scientist enters a building to my left, through the door. The robot shuts the entrance closed with its massive arm. I try melting it with my fire hands, it may work but feels too slow. I switch to stronger dream powers.
    I shoot out a fire/wind tornado from my hands, pushing the robot's arm out of the way, and enter the building.

    Inside the small lobby, I use X-ray sight to locate the scientist, it's on the stairway, up two floors. I fly up, crushing the floors, hugging and blocking him. It seems at this stage I gave up using only DHL selected dream powers.
    The scientist uses some strange power which makes himself very heavy and frees himself by dropping down. I fall down too and grab him again. Then I use a fire rope to tie him. I dare him to free himself now, if he can. The fire rope looks truly amazing !

    I hand the package to some cops, they take him inside a police car. This reminds me of the "lift car" task
    I try lifting the one holding the scientist, but the dream looks confusing at this point.
    I try again with a different car, a dar red sedan. I pick the car from left rear wheel, I lift it, but the wheel folds under the car. I grab it from the front hood, lift it, then move my hands on the bottom, and walk a bit with the car suspended above my head.

    Now I am kinda tired, I return control to my body, wake up, check clock, ~7AM, return to sleep.

    More dreaming activity later, but nothing really noteworthy.
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