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    Curiouser and Curiouser

    Old Friends

    by , 09-07-2011 at 01:05 AM (282 Views)
    So I don't remember much about these dreams besides the notes I jotted down this morning, but I'll try to flesh them out with as many details as I can remember.

    In my first dream I was in a library of sorts, sitting at a long desk with lots of other people my age, with another long desk across from us. I left to talk to some people, and I was trying to get something figured out I think, and I figured it out and got back to the library before it closed, but the desks had already been folded away, and the guy told me they'd already packed up. Whatever that means. So I walked home with three of my old friends, A, S, and E. A and S tried to hide from me, but E wouldn't go along with it and A got mad at her.

    In my second dream I was in relationships with two guys at once, some lean guy (that's all I remember about him, was that he was lean) who was my only boyfriend at first, and CSG who I started dating after and who I was so much more attracted to and interested in. (It wasn't REALLY CSG though, it was just kind of like him. In my dream it was obvious it was him, but he had no plugs or glasses, and he wore his hair up in a big tribal hair scarf thing.) CSG was an amazing boyfriend, and most of the dream was just stuff with him, although I only remember one part where we were cuddling. He really really liked me, and was upset that I was dating someone else at the same time. I went on trial for having two boyfriends, but I don't remember the result of that. After that I was in some sort of lingerie store with S, and Paris Hilton was there. I went on to have some sort of weird dream about Paris Hilton and her sister. The main feeling left from the dream was a longing for the fake CSG DC. I think I started to get lucid at the end of it, but then I woke up.

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