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    A Chain of Dreams

    by , 07-10-2010 at 02:56 AM (922 Views)

    I woke up every hour after approximately four hours and recalled something each time.

    #1) Shim Lake

    The family drove up a road winding around a steep mountain. Past the guardrail I could see a beautiful shimmering body of water. Someone said it was called Shim Lake. We got to a resort of sorts. Next thing I remember I'm near the top floor sitting on a comfortable seat by a library. With a handheld device I am able to hear what other people around me are reading. Meanwhile, a friend sits in a garage-like room playing Everquest 2. His computer has an improbable amount of wires dropping down from the monitor.

    #2) PCS

    Back in my old high school the class is about to go on a post-graduation vacation but in order to go you had to fill out seven questions and write an essay (oddly similar to a dream I had a year or so ago). Matt D. is the only friend there in a dark wood interior. I finish the essay and two questions when I find out there's only an hour left. Feeling hopeless I ask Matt to let me copy off him but he isn't keen on the idea. I skip ahead and see the vacation spot which looks like a cartoonish city with a bright, elaborate sky. It's unclear whether or not I attended.

    #3) Mark75

    On some trip inside a carpeted room with two couches facing each other. Otherwise it was pretty empty. Mark75 happened to be there and he seemed preoccupied with a Sony PSP. He had short brown hair and wore huge sunglasses with swirls drawn over the lenses with a white marker. I asked what he was playing but he deliberately ignored me. Looking into the sunglasses I saw the reflection of Wario. I got bored and made an "eee" sound upon which Mark mimicked it in a goofy high-pitched tone. Later Mark wanted to use fishtank message board so he got on my computer but got distracted by looking through my image folder. I told him he'd be looking forever since I had been adding to that folder for well over a decade. I also recall a FOnewearl and a fish being somewhere in the dream but can't place where.

    #4) Awkward Church Skit

    My old teacher Mrs. Trejo was putting on a play during a church service. The play was of the Genesis story but instead of Adam and Eve there were two Eves. They both deliver nonsensical lines until one slips and says the F-word. The pastor looks dumbfounded and the actress is shocked at letting herself say such a thing in front of a church crowd. I recall at least a minute of deafening silence before the actress tries to continue the skit in a shaky and embarrassed voice.

    #5) Kentucky Kingdom

    Kentucky Kingdom was open again and I was entering line to the wooden roller coaster "Thunder Run". The line was more like a path through a field and I found myself dodging a lot of running kids moving in the opposite direction. Climbing the stairway and getting to the loading area I see the ride is more of a slow and boring version of Tilt-A-Whirl. The padded carts only held one person and were painted blue. A woman looking to be in her thirties made some comment on the poor American economy to which I reply in agreement. We get to talking and stop by a soda vending machine behind the stairs that gives less than an ounce of drink. We go back to get more later but it turns out having a second drink costs twenty cents. I tell her I have no money on me. She offers to pay but I decline after due thanks.

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