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    Granny's House

    by , 07-11-2010 at 10:30 PM (1348 Views)

    In Grandmother's old house I lay on the living room floor watching the giant old television. I put a DVD on of some old show where a large cast sat around an oval table and acted poorly. There was also a segment of some talk show on medieval topics. The hosts tried to be funny but no one in the audience laughs. It seems I have six whole seasons of this show on DvD and watch it for hours. Eventually I look into the display of my phone and discover I can touch the screen and take out huge chunks of geography across the Earth. Later, out for a bit with the family we seem to be walking about a series of buildings next to an ocean. The others want to go to a restaurant so I point out a boat by the white support beam of a bridge above us. The vessel would take us to a restaurant floating on the water.

    Back in Granny's house Kyle and I were in the spare room off the entrance playing a card game that involved a fish tank and submerging the cards strategically. After this game I left for the kitchen area where, instead of the stairwell to the right, there was a queen size mattress. My friend JAH was sleeping on it. My mom was near and told me that there were mushrooms growing in the toilet from someone's poop. I went to see the offending toilet and found four thin and yellow shrooms and a short plump green one. I got the idea that pouring hand-washing soup into the toilet would detach the mushroom's roots and we could flush them. I returned to where JAH was and got distracted trying to wake him up so we could do something fun. He didn't seem interested.

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    1. ReachingForTheDream's Avatar
      LOL @ the mushrooms growing in poop xD