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    IUSE + DSi Chat 'n' Games

    by , 07-04-2010 at 03:52 AM (435 Views)

    Dream 01:

    It's night and I'm with dad visiting IUSE college campus. The building is lit up and reminds me of a pyramid with two sides stretched out horizontally longer. I find out the campus is actually split into two across Louisville (odd, being an Indiana school) and dad drives me to the other building to show me the way. Turns out one has to go over a crazy narrow road with sides that loops around and go vertical at certain points. My dad drove on the wrong side multiple times and I insist that I'd rather die than drive over such a crazy road. Once we reach our destination--I vaguely remember seeing a lit Farris Wheel--I get out and walk around. The part I see reminds me of a dark alley with flea market booths. I see advertisements for beer as I go along.

    Dream 02:

    In the back apartment of the Florida house I'm chatting with Ninja Poe Bear, someone I knew from AHD forums in 2003-2004, over the Nintendo DSi. We talk about this puzzle game involving moving across squares. While the conversation continues some of the letters on the keyboard begin vanishing making articulating what I want to say harder and harder. Supposedly the disappearing keys were part of the same game we were discussing.

    After this I envision part of the game as if it were reality. I was before a dark barn loft covered with hay that I wanted to climb into, despite being slightly scared to do so. I find a dim light once up there and am surprised to find some hobos. They seem hostile so I leave for a bit. I come back and the hobos have replaced the dim light for a really bright one and suddenly seem nicer. I don't stay long but instead head for the back of the loft where a door leads out into a bright and sunny desert town with stone buildings stacked upon one another. I see a few people and note a clothes line before returning to the loft. Apparently to exit I had to stuff myself into a small tan box that the hobos owned. I did so and sure enough my mind returned to the Florida house.

    I look out the glass sliding doors of the room and note a Kroger's where the driveway and neighbor's house should have been. I think about how I want both eggnog and nicotine gum but have neither the funds nor motivation to go over to it. My mom comes in insisting things be cleaned up and I retreat to a boxed in area I constructed using cardboard and other cheap materials for the purpose of isolation. I believe I got this from my friend JSD who had something like this made for himself IRL.

    I woke up. :3

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