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    GA's DJ


    by , 07-05-2010 at 11:37 PM (463 Views)

    In a comfy carpeted room with a giant bed straight ahead and a bunk bed to the right I stood there admiring the two quilts. One was gray and the other red. I had on a ski mask for whatever reason and had come home from JCC, referring the dream I had earlier today. Mom and I had talked briefly about getting the right classes. Dad came in and picked me up by the neck playful in the context of the dream but it would obviously hurt in real life and only put me back down when he saw a UK logo on the ski mask. Later that night I'm sitting on a comfy chair before a TV in some corner. Sitting next to me on some leather seats is my uncle Jon and some rich fictional fellow with a monocle complete with rare breed of cat purring on his lap. The television media (most likely Fox News based on color scheme) starts talking about my brother Kyle and how he represented some company that insulted a famous celebrity. The celeb wants Kyle put away for fourteen some odd years. I'm shocked by this. The rich fellow asserts that the charge will most certainly be dropped since my brother was merely representing a company and was not a free agent on the matter. I feel a little better.

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