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    Dreamerino Journalino Ginino Sanino Manino Lucidinos in my Journalino Cappuccino Expressivo Crescendo Penguino Languini Amigo Panini Kapparino Lollerino Trollerino Rhinorino Hornerino Adventurino's Ferrarini Pepperoni Mozzarello Spiceroni Ninő Casinő

    If I have many dreams in 1 night and only 1 of them is cool, I'll put the rest in spoilers or if I have a dream that had cool parts and boring parts, I'll put the boring parts in spoilers. If the whole thing is boring I'll just warn you at the beginning of the journal entry :P

    Btw, I'm getting 1 lucid dream a night on average, they are between 5 and 10 minutes in length and the clarity of mind is around "alright".

    [SPOILER="Like music to my ears"]Open the link and then click the sound button to listen to a computer voice say my journal title: [URL="https://translate.google.nl/#en/nl/Dreamerino%20Journalino%20Ginino%20Sanino%20Manino%20Lucidinos%20in%20my%20Journalino%20Cappuccino%20Expressivo%20Crescendo%20Penguino%20Languini%20Amigo%20Panini%20Kapparino%20Lollerino%20Trollerino%20Rhinorino%20Hornerino%20Adventurino's%20Ferrarini%20Pepperoni%20Mozzarello%20Spiceroni%20Nin%C3%B5%20Casin%C3%B5"]link[/URL].[/SPOILER]

    Also, if you are anyone other than myself... You're wasting time here. There are cooler journals to see on dreamviews. <-- That string of text is temporary. Some day I'll have the funnest, most awesomest journal in all of dreamviews! :boogie:

    Strawberry milk

    [SPOILER=Things I want to do]
    I want to master all the elements, like the Avatar. Including lightning bending. I also want to become a master swordsman. For each thing that I want to master, I want to do special training. For lightning bending I can go into a storm or a face some storm/lightning elemental and ask it to teach me. I can learn earth bending from a badger mole (the original earth benders) or a human character from Avatar. For fire I can learn from Zuko, Iroh, Dragons (the original fire benders), for water I can go to the north or south pole or learn from Katara. Or I can learn everything from Aang or another Avatar. But the idea is that I don't just randomly pretend to know stuff right away (even though I can often do that), but to actually experience the training so that it will be more realistic and adventurous! I can learn swordfighting from Dante and Vergil. But Vergil is evil so I don't know how that will work. And these are just ideas from my mind in a waking state. In dreams awesome and wacky stuff might happen without me planning for it. I can learn shapeshifting from dragons (like the ones in Legends of the dragonrealm) or go to other magical creatures that can shapeshift.

    I like the idea of spending time practicing things. Like standing somewhere and making shapes in the air out of water, earth, fire. Going up to dream characters and amusing them with my powers, like giving someone big ears or a long red nose for fun. When I master this, I can do insanely awesome things. This for example:

    I stand somewhere, raise my arms and a forest comes out of the ground. I make myself small and jump from branch to branch and glide on the trees (like Tarzan or the people from Epic), then I turn into a fiery phoenix and flap my wings and fly above a great ocean. I dive into the water and turn into a fish, swim down and swim up and turn back into a human, then I use waterbending to surf on a block of ice and with speed I go back to the land.

    Okay I'm out of imagination. But that's already pretty sweet, right? Perhaps I'll add more stuff later on.

    Oh and also, it would be amazing to be an elemental. Imagine being a water elemental. Your body flows and is all liquid, you have no bones, you can just splash your hand into something and grow a new one. Drink water and grow. Seep in between cracks. All kinds of wacky stuff! I want to explore the limits of lucid dreaming. For that I need to get lucid more often... Waaaaay more often. I don't think I'll be satisfied until I have on average of 1.5-2 hours lucid time every night. There's just so much to do!

    And sex... The possibilites o: So hot :lol:

    Short term goals/activities:

    Since I'm getting ~1 ld a night, my short term goals are significant. I wanted to have something that allows me to get better at prolonging and stabilizing my dreams while still being fun. So I chose walking, bicycling and skateboarding. I think about this while falling asleep and include them in the countdown. While walking/bicycling/skateboarding I can look around, feel the physical sensations, and I'll be moving, so I'll have lots of things to look at. If I have a skateboard or bike, I can have good fun by going fast and doing stunts.

    Other short term things:
    Being nice to dream characters, being friends, entertaining them. And practicing magic skills.

    1. Red is her name

      by , 10-17-2016 at 03:03 PM (Dreamerino Journalino Ginino Sanino Manino Lucidinos in my Journalino Cappuccino Expressivo Crescendo Penguino Languini Amigo Panini Kapparino Lollerino Trollerino Rhinorino Hornerino Adventurino's Ferrarini Pepperoni Mozzarello Spiceroni Ninő Casinő)
      (the title comes from the second lucid dream)

      LD 1: I was flying around in the parking lot/middle area of a place of appartments, with a building of apparatments to my left and right and I was flying up to a window and entering? I also had a part with going around a neighborhood entering houses or just walking around with friends. There was also something with a giant pokémon I summoned and it was fighting someone else's, it was video game like.

      LD2: I'm in a gym's changing room, there are 2 or 3 girls there and I wonder if it's the right room, but it's the boy' room so I just assume they are in the wrong room. So I act cool and change. My nephew(s) and brother is also there with me, they flirt with the girl(s) or she/they flirt(s) with them. They fail xD I'm still acting cool, not interested in flirting with random girls. Then somehow I and a red-haired girl get a long and I don't remember what happened, but we are lovers suddenly. And in bed, not in a gym changing room. We are kissing and cuddling and all sweet and lovely = ) This goodness lasts at least 5 minutes She says she is 50 years old and at first I say or think it doesn't matter then I say that's ridiculous, the way you look, and we laugh together. Even now (at 4PM) I very vaguely remember what she looked like, she had a slightly prominent bone structure (face) and pale skin with slightly colored cheeks, blue + slightly green eyes of medium size. I dont remember the length of her hair but it was straight and not voluminous but at least slightly past shoulder length and the color was orangy red, not deep dark red. And she was beautiful.

      (still LD2) And near the end I thought of telling her it is a dream and I was wondering how to say it and I also thought of this DJ and of the title "Red is her name" but it ended and I didn't get the chance. I don't remember at which point I became lucid, and I know I was only vaguely aware that I was dreaming. But I wouldn't have cared anyway because it was so nice with her it was worth losing awareness :)

      When I woke up, I said the first dream was ~15 minutes and the second one 10-15, but I remembered only like a total of 30 seconds scattered over parts of the 1st one and the second one I remember about half I think. Actually the first one I didn't remember at all at first and after practicing mindfulness for a few minutes it came back to me slowly (pretty cool huh, this is how I remember dreams).

      Notes to self: Now that my sleep schedule is somewhat solid, or solid enough, I can try sleeping a little earlier and occasionally sleep 30-60 minutes longer if I wake up earlier and this way get some cool extra lucid dreaming time. It would be cool to have better recall and for that I can do WBTBs, which doubled (possibly more) my recall, but it can mess up my rythm so I can do this later and for now I'll try to do it only by journaling and trying to remember details every morning (if I wake up in time).

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    2. Competition day 1

      by , 10-15-2016 at 09:57 PM (Dreamerino Journalino Ginino Sanino Manino Lucidinos in my Journalino Cappuccino Expressivo Crescendo Penguino Languini Amigo Panini Kapparino Lollerino Trollerino Rhinorino Hornerino Adventurino's Ferrarini Pepperoni Mozzarello Spiceroni Ninő Casinő)
      The first part I won't say here, but after a minute I was kissing a girl. It was foggy and dark and her face and hair color changed and I pushed her away from me, I was a little creeped out or repulsed and went away, flew. Then I remembered and told myself (so I'd remember after waking up) that I had had a lucid dream before this one and that I also vaguely remember having a third one that night. Oh and I went outside, trying to make the dream more vivid through commands or will-power but I don't remember if it worked.

      And I had a non-lucid dream I remember the best part most vividly. Me and a girl in class were doing some math problem and as we were working on it, we happened to be close with our heads because we were writing or looking in the notebook and it was kinda warm-ish. Then we moved closer I think or we moved our heads more sideways so we'd touch heads more and then she was just leaning her head on my shoulder or pushing her hair into my face and I was a little shy and was just sitting there enjoying her warmth. (What the hell was I thinking not doing a reality check xD There's no way this would happen at school) She had long straight blond hair and I don't remember her face (I rarely register faces), I think she had blue clothes over her upper body.

      Unfortunately I didn't remember the 2nd lucid dream nor the third. My recall is pretty bad unfortunately. But I'm struggling to wake and sleep in time for school and it's a big change for me since I've had an even lazier life before I started college so it's okay. I think I'm slowly adjusting and soon I can make time for remembering dreams and occasionally sneaking in some extra juicy morning dreams :)
    3. Little hamster

      by , 03-22-2016 at 10:11 PM (Dreamerino Journalino Ginino Sanino Manino Lucidinos in my Journalino Cappuccino Expressivo Crescendo Penguino Languini Amigo Panini Kapparino Lollerino Trollerino Rhinorino Hornerino Adventurino's Ferrarini Pepperoni Mozzarello Spiceroni Ninő Casinő)
      The last few seconds of the night I was petting a little white hamster on its belly. It was either completely white or had a bit of light brown on its back. It was somebody else's hamster and the person was beside me. The hamster spread its arms and legs as I rubbed my finger on its belly and made a face (and maybe sounds too) and it was warm.

      And now all day I'm thinking about getting a pet rat once I live on my own and have more money. Which will be soon. Why not a hamster? Rats are much more intelligent. Ferrets look and move cuter and are bigger so they'd be nicer to cuddle, but they live ~7 years and rats only live 2-3 years so there's a smaller chance of me not wanting to live with it anymore and being faced with a dilemma. Ofcourse as a lucid dreamer of some skill, I can have a good time with animals in lucid dreams :)
    4. miniature people (lucid)

      by , 02-18-2016 at 04:21 AM (Dreamerino Journalino Ginino Sanino Manino Lucidinos in my Journalino Cappuccino Expressivo Crescendo Penguino Languini Amigo Panini Kapparino Lollerino Trollerino Rhinorino Hornerino Adventurino's Ferrarini Pepperoni Mozzarello Spiceroni Ninő Casinő)
      [URL="http://imgur.com/a/GHDWh"]nr 10 and 11[/URL] (2 a5 sized entries on an a4 sized paper)

      nr10 is lucid, nr 11 nonlucid

      about nr10: the dream characters were more elaborate than usual and felt almost like real people. at one point i could force a girl (non physically, i have some control over the actions of dcs, if i want them to want me, they will) to want to have sex with me but i didnt because she seemed reluctant initially, because i wouldnt feel good about it. at some point i told a guy that this is a dream and that i am dreaming right now. i asked him if he dreams and he said i was crazy and superstitious (or religious). later on i used powers to light lamps and looked for people to give dream powers so they could be of more help (we were in a survival type situation in a warehouse and had to work together) and i was looking for a responsible person. (this goal was forgotten moments later) i also thought of asking a girl if she could listen to me summarizing my dream so i can remember it better when i wake up and said "hey.. can i ask you something?" and there the dream ended.

      pretty cool.

      edit: this past week ive actually been getting lucid once a day on average. yes. holy crap thats amazing. yay for nose plug rcs and counting down from 100 thinking "lucid dreaming" on every count. now the next huge step is to learn how to prolong dreams. if i can do that... its happening! its finally happening = D

      according to laberge: rubbing and spinning are effective
      yell clarity

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    5. invading castle, freefalling (lucids)

      by , 02-17-2016 at 04:57 AM (Dreamerino Journalino Ginino Sanino Manino Lucidinos in my Journalino Cappuccino Expressivo Crescendo Penguino Languini Amigo Panini Kapparino Lollerino Trollerino Rhinorino Hornerino Adventurino's Ferrarini Pepperoni Mozzarello Spiceroni Ninő Casinő)
      [URL="http://imgur.com/a/rnSaI"]paper 9[/URL]

      2 A5-sized entries on 1 A4 page

      i also had the nightmare with my mom in which i couldnt tell whether i was dreaming or not. i looked at my phone and did the nose plug but detected nothing strange. i wasnt very clear minded.
    6. Girl singing, dojo

      by , 02-16-2016 at 04:36 AM (Dreamerino Journalino Ginino Sanino Manino Lucidinos in my Journalino Cappuccino Expressivo Crescendo Penguino Languini Amigo Panini Kapparino Lollerino Trollerino Rhinorino Hornerino Adventurino's Ferrarini Pepperoni Mozzarello Spiceroni Ninő Casinő)
      These are dreams of the past few days.

      [SPOILER=spoiler to not crowd my dj page]Avatar shark croc against the stream downwards give up. i knew i was dreaming but not clearly, i could only spend extra effort and maybe only at the last moment.

      in bus with selcuk dayi we crash. bear in car. ilknur tries to talk to me. huge beasts on road dayi says they should watch out. (rather than driving to the other side of the road to avoid them)

      at school breakdance try to impress ym teacher with silly moves. Blac guys. i do turtle but have backpack so keep doing forward flip. take bag off do turtle then my elbow not touch belly so handstand. then dinner ready we hop skip over things because table is set and filled with foodplates.

      here i have the lucid dream in which i did the totm.

      standing guard. "you cant handle the truth" hearthstone. *wtf does this mean :P* it sounded exactly like this [URL="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9FnO3igOkOk&feature=youtu.be&t=44"]Youtube you cant handle the truth[/URL] i dont know why i heard this and what it has to do with hearthstone or standing guard

      tall dutch girl 2.50 big chamber with statues. stairs. nose plug lucid. 1 min. float around cant land. help girl while worrying parents. airport. she needed help crossing street. duran abi gets close while driving by on motor. another car she almost didnt see.

      "i am not your leader" necropost fa

      basketball cant drible. breakdance impress people

      swimming pool. jumping on top of the water without sinking. making front flip but theres no room coz too many kids. lot sof kids sleeping by the pool. another but on a beach. serkan on a boat. same dream? i ask if 3 meters is deep enough to dive. he says in the wedstrijdbad (with the duikplank) it is enough so its enough here.

      at guney or enes. then i go away on bike. lars house is far. hes there smoking weed. i see daniek from tbl

      i did the (nose plug) rc but nothing happened i did it multiple times and mentioned it. failed rc lars said do it again and i did and got lucid. mom in room, room is dark, i get a slight notion of maybe this is scary and she closes in on me with a slightly croaky voice and i get scared. i say "but i love you" maybe twice and the dream ends.

      hearthstone. playing wolf team with david out and serdar, david has stronger armor but not to cheat us he just happened to have it. guney bora huseying amca. and guney abi and a girl in love.

      rekt as priest in tavern brawl (where you create your deck by discovering and you get chickens and spare parts). someone house is turning inside. rotating and changing. david en mischa? turkey. middle part unchanging. im sleepy thinking is hard. im home late in köy.

      on yt, saw daniela andrade (who was actually victoria justice from victorious) it said "voice demoted" kid says "i wasnt after the fuck" kripp says he should believe in himself and gets 4 random minions in a generals game and theyre tanks. kills 2 enemy tanks and goes on to destroy a building.[/SPOILER]

      2 paper dj entries.

      [SPOILER=number 8]fighting dad and protecting bro after fighting bro after he did something to me and i kicked his knee.

      girl singing to me. she had light brown sweater. i was djing. it was hey there delilahs tune but different words. i think she was singing about what i was writing (asking what i was writing). it was beautiful. (now i just listened to it and the song sounds like crap, but when i woke up i had the impression that that was the music) occasionally we looekd into each others eyes and i looked into her eyes almost all the time. near the end i saw my dad there and i felt awkward by being touched by the music and expressing such enjoyment.

      naruto fighting someone (i called hi naruto but hes a random here) fights then forgives him then cages him then takes his powers away (like avatar). both had spiderman powers. i found it cool and rewinded it/watched it/experienced it again. now im looking at it from a few meters away. kind old lady with sweet voice "why dont you take that lady out" and that was my mom. so i go with her and shes annoying and angry and isnt waiting for me to catch up. were both on the bicycle.[/SPOILER]

      [SPOILER=number 7]this is all 1 dream with multiple paragraphs.
      standing around near the house or walking outside, try to amuse kids by pulling something out of my pocket (by summoning) but hands are empty). friend told me about the prostitute graves, he went there and looked around (he wasnt interested in 96 past the hour) even when lucid i spent some tiem trying to cheer up my gf. she was disappointed or sad or angry at me about something. (not a waking life gf, only in this particular dream) her gf was there too. this was inside. my friend had dark hair. gf brown or dark.

      when walking outside i thought i should summarize the dream so its easy to remember because lots of things happened. if i had remembered what happened inside and thought about it i would have remembered it after i woke up.

      dojo. i suck and get owned they mistake me for one of them. (im not a martial artist).

      i go outside and rub my hands a lot it really works feeling the dream and watching my hands

      went outside with a friend and said "look my phone says its 96 past the hour but thats imposible, theres only 60 minutes in an hour" but he didnt care.

      this is enough. typing is tiring and i just hope i wont lose the paper. this lucid was ~15 minutes.[/SPOILER]

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    7. TOTM look at sky

      by , 02-08-2016 at 09:24 PM (Dreamerino Journalino Ginino Sanino Manino Lucidinos in my Journalino Cappuccino Expressivo Crescendo Penguino Languini Amigo Panini Kapparino Lollerino Trollerino Rhinorino Hornerino Adventurino's Ferrarini Pepperoni Mozzarello Spiceroni Ninő Casinő)
      the teacher was frustrated that i was not being serious, i was goofing off in class, making jokes, amusing people, not following the lesson and i said to a girl on the desk behind me: "if im dreaming ill be able to breathe through my nose (closed off)" i tried it and it worked and i got excited. i got up and ran around the school, going from classroom to classroom to find pretty girls and kiss them. after a few minutes i wanted to do something else and remembered the totm. so i made my way outside, i had to go through (not literally, i opened them) several doors and windows, at the last or second to last window i got impatient and tried to (literally) go through the window and it bent but didnt let me through so i opened it and

      when i was outside there were orange balloons on a rope stretched between buildings so i needed to walk a bit forward so i could see the sky without the balloons. so i did and then saw the sky with the balloons still in view but it was good enough. here is a link to what it looked like: [url]http://imgur.com/zFRlC0z[/url]
      i named the file "close enough". the clouds had that shape and there were probably more and they were smaller but you get the idea. you see the orange balloons on the rope. the clouds were actually of a slightly darker grey-ish color, but its close enough :tongue: the sky was bright blue.

      and then the dream ended.

      notes of forgotten dreams: "a dream in turkey. danger? (that one was 15-20 minutes) turkey car?"

      techniques: counting down from 100 and thinking "lucid dreaming" at every count. and the nose plug rc

      the lucid dream was ~7 minutes.

      March 3rd edit: So this is where i started the countdown thing. It's been 3 weeks now. And I'm at 31 lucid dreams. Makes sense.

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    8. girlfriend and mushroomheads

      by , 02-07-2016 at 07:13 AM (Dreamerino Journalino Ginino Sanino Manino Lucidinos in my Journalino Cappuccino Expressivo Crescendo Penguino Languini Amigo Panini Kapparino Lollerino Trollerino Rhinorino Hornerino Adventurino's Ferrarini Pepperoni Mozzarello Spiceroni Ninő Casinő)
      nope. nothing for you. i didnt write this one in a way for you to read.

      [SPOILER=most boring]dragonkin sorcerer but it summoned a minion? i kept summoning more until it was barely enough i had 8 or 9 or 10.

      girl who loves me, we go to theme park. k and n and there. i love the girl too. she recited some poetry in the bus i just was kinda childish and made jokes i think its because k and possibly n i felt awkward. we also walked together at that thing road with the old man with the thick cigar. we were walking there. she was beautiful and i loved her, she had blonde hair and i think a pale face. i didnt get a good look at k but she had green eyes. the eyes stood out. figuratively. i expressing my love toward my gf well and i may have hurt her feelings.[/SPOILER]

      mushroomheads. im naked in the hallway at medine yenges house and ezgi opens the door. lots of people are inside and i scream "close the door close the door". cut off perfectly so that 1 mushroom would grow out of my hair. yeah. people had either poofy hair or mushrooms on their head? and they had swords. i was fighting in an army with these people. these people are upstairs at medine yenge i think but it may also have been another dream.

      about a decade or so ago i had been with these people and i had a girlfriend but i did something stupid and got exiled (this is the story of the dream, this is just a memory, it didnt eggzshooly happen). i got exiled because i warned them of enemy troops attacking them. and it didnt happen. now i see a vision or i just see it by watching from somewhere that a strong army is coming for us. i dont know if i told them this.

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    9. Indoor theme park (lucid)

      by , 02-07-2016 at 06:48 AM (Dreamerino Journalino Ginino Sanino Manino Lucidinos in my Journalino Cappuccino Expressivo Crescendo Penguino Languini Amigo Panini Kapparino Lollerino Trollerino Rhinorino Hornerino Adventurino's Ferrarini Pepperoni Mozzarello Spiceroni Ninő Casinő)
      [URL="http://imgur.com/94oSvJw"]dream 5[/URL]

      as far as i can remember, i was lucid from the start. it lasted about 10 minutes, vividness was normal and my mental clarity/awareness that it was a lucid was i think a 5. (on a scale of 1 to 10)

      indoor theme park/playground. there was a big skate ramp and people were saying its impossible to go off it and come back by bouncing against the wall. i dont remember having skates or a skateboard but the experience was like i had them. so i just went weeee off the big ramp, did some spins or stunts or something, bounced off the wall and came back. people were impressed.

      i dont remember this clearly but it was like i was having 2 different dreams at the same time. the scenes occasionally switched from one to the other. both were in the same theme park even. but i only remember 1 part of the dream where i actually remembered both "dreams". it was when i was getting beaten up by a giant black spider, bigger than a car. the getting beat up was slightly different in both scenes

      i asked a dc how to travel in time and he made a bucket full of butter mixed with something buttery. i dropped that on the spider after taking 2 hands full myself. it tasted alright.
      memorable , lucid
    10. FA into lucid

      by , 02-06-2016 at 08:20 AM (Dreamerino Journalino Ginino Sanino Manino Lucidinos in my Journalino Cappuccino Expressivo Crescendo Penguino Languini Amigo Panini Kapparino Lollerino Trollerino Rhinorino Hornerino Adventurino's Ferrarini Pepperoni Mozzarello Spiceroni Ninő Casinő)
      today i started the nose plug rc whenever i wake up and while journaling. since i get so many false awakenings, this is a great way to get lucid.

      i did the nose plug and i think i couldnt breathe. text on my phone looked weird and i got up and tried levitating and it worked, so i knew i was dreaming. i opened the rolluik and flew outside, it was dark. my roomw as even darker. i saw the night sky and was scared i might go really high so i landed. there were 2 black kids and the boy wasnt there when i landed. the girl had a yellow skirt and i didnt interact with her. while flying down from the window i said i am dreaming, i live in this city, my name is atilla, i am 21 years old. and then i remember thinking i wanted to find a hot girl and soon after that it ended. my voice was weird, like a double voice. like a monster or robot. this lucid dream was under 1 minute i think.
      lucid , false awakening
    11. amusing failure 2

      by , 02-05-2016 at 03:01 AM (Dreamerino Journalino Ginino Sanino Manino Lucidinos in my Journalino Cappuccino Expressivo Crescendo Penguino Languini Amigo Panini Kapparino Lollerino Trollerino Rhinorino Hornerino Adventurino's Ferrarini Pepperoni Mozzarello Spiceroni Ninő Casinő)
      I'll type out the amusing failure part. the rest is probably not understandable and definitely not interesting.

      a guy said something to me about dreams and i said "what if were dreaming right now? how would you know?" and i felt a bit cool about saying that because he was confused and was like "wuuut... am i dreaming?" but i didnt get lucid.

      [URL="http://imgur.com/a/f9OB1"]entry 3 and 4[/URL]

      things learned: vertical paper is better and dont wait too long to journal, memories get lost FOREVER. keep the paper by your bed so its easier to get; im very lazy right after waking up

      also, the scanner isnt scanning the full page. but i dont care.
    12. Past few days of dreams

      by , 02-04-2016 at 06:18 AM (Dreamerino Journalino Ginino Sanino Manino Lucidinos in my Journalino Cappuccino Expressivo Crescendo Penguino Languini Amigo Panini Kapparino Lollerino Trollerino Rhinorino Hornerino Adventurino's Ferrarini Pepperoni Mozzarello Spiceroni Ninő Casinő)
      this is only for me, so dont read it. i didnt write it in a way for someone else to read it, it is probably boring and/or makes little sense.

      parts from the waterbending night:
      selcuk dayi acting crazy, black kids scared of us, first one i saw growled. then a kid who is with us chases him and they chase us and we run around. while running i waterbended at them and tried to waveboard. i danced with kirsten dunst, she smiled at me before we danced. i danced badly, movign left to right ungracefully and then i asked her whether she could teach me to dance. i felt her warmth. after running around, there is 1 kid around the corner and then a black kid shows up behind him, theyre shy and nervous and want to be friends. then there are more of them and we become friends. and there was a lady with them

      a dream in the same night: an rpg like dream, flying around, he is my pupil? or she? old houses, a torn down place, red/darkish skies, were travelers. hes in an old house and im looking out for him. (or her).

      senel yenge is there and ilknur? i think we were sleeping and just woke up and i was journaling my dream. with senel yenge, he said and to punish you were going to reduce your dick and he used a lazer and it was all game-like and it became like an old school game where his lazer hit and there was an animation of a bar going lower. selcuk dayi was also sometimes pixellated, like tama from gintama when he threw a small piece of food up and caught it with his mouth. i showed the water thing to senel yenge but couldnt get my fingers to move in the same way. in this fa i was remembering the waterbending dream much more clearly than when i woke up. i was also djing but couldnt because uncle was there. and he was intimidating. not really a bad guy

      a girl saved me i think but i dont know how. not from my uncle but telling me i was dreaming? i think she barged into the room. then i said "this is the girl that tells me im dreaming, she saves me" and i made a mental note to remember that im dreaming when i see her. then i had flashbacks of us in a battlefield and other places and shes actualyl protecting me from physical harm i think. she wore soldier clothes

      same night:
      i FAed and was laying in bed and rced by checking the text on my phone and i concluded that the text was contaxt but my eye was tired and my eyelid kept falling down.

      we are hiding from something. something after us. but not panickng. more people. we had confrontations before.

      zuko and iroh escaping from a prison cell. i was telling myself to journal this in a fa and maybe iwl. iroh pulled a giant rock from the ground but maybe it had fire. some guy talking about the media claiming to have black things and all theyve left is a sense of adventure or something, it was a song and th e music was nice. he was really fat (a music video) and in related videos there was a cosplay of him with blue hair. hot spring shire guards with white faces (like kiyoshi) and iroh and zuko come and say i honor you or something the guards are honorful among warriors and they want to find someone. bending, iroh, zuko, azula, zuko gets her help but then doesnt need it. earth water protect themselves soka gets nothing. someone says that the forest isnt regrowing or not regrow and then if the avatar goes in trance, the trees will die whenever he transforms. had 8 mana used 3 of it for windfury and there was an earth elemental or earth bender

      many kids here we i or aang didnt want to show earth bending for some reason. but there was another way, but that wa also earth bending? 2 men bullying a little girl and boy, i was the avatar or watching him and he was meditating somewhere, trying to access the dream and do things.and i thought thats cool sitting in a dream, going in another dream, trying something and when youre back you get guidance from somene.

      castle on fire. i save him. it explodes. kids put the flame to it prematurely (light the oil prematurely). we all work work together to bring down a castle. we evacuate the kids and everyone else but 1 hero is almost too late but i fly and save him before its too late. many people watching in a big area, it is dark and raining hard. we are victorious. i and that person had a house to ourselves before that? a big flying beast? whore the enemies? im not lucid but everyone knows i have special powers. theres something in the guys hands when i fetch him from the top of the castle or building. and hes happy that he can keep it. i drop him on a window side thing (venster). i hear someone saying "this guy is pretty cool" there are lots of people, aybe 50 who are not of us but not enemies. we had strong enemies and lots of them but we were brave. our enemies are animals not humans, but im not sure (large flying beasts?). maybe the building we lighted up and let explode was theirs. something before happened to make them mad. i remember fighting them before. theyre big creatures, black-grey and rhino sized, maybe they could fly.

      i dont know how many days this was. 4-8 days.

      now last night.
      [URL="http://imgur.com/a/dssnj"]dream 1 and dream 2[/URL]

      dont worry, i can make sense of those.
    13. Waterbending practice

      by , 01-28-2016 at 12:48 PM (Dreamerino Journalino Ginino Sanino Manino Lucidinos in my Journalino Cappuccino Expressivo Crescendo Penguino Languini Amigo Panini Kapparino Lollerino Trollerino Rhinorino Hornerino Adventurino's Ferrarini Pepperoni Mozzarello Spiceroni Ninő Casinő)
      for those who came just to read about the bending, i put the other parts of the dream in spoilers.

      [SPOILER=no bending here]i am flying and suddenly i realize that i am dreaming. i try to land but it doesnt work (as always) i can go left right and up with ease but going down is harder, there is a big tree and i grab the tree and pull myself downwards. the tree changes subtly and it gets a bit bigger and richer (more branches, more leaves, thicker trunk, further from the ground) and i pull myself down by grabbing branches and then i reach the floor. there is family there (but not from waking life, i think, just random dcs i think of as family) and it is like a picnic site. grass, trees, in a greeny place.

      the dream here is a bit more colorful than waking life and it is vivid, i think my lucid dreams (at least lately) have been very often more colorful than waking life. later on the colors become slightly less rich but nowhere near dull, it is similar to waking life.

      i dont know where i went from this open foresty/greeny place but im in a more mundane place now. but im not sure about the details. there were streets but no cars, not like a western street with big buildings and a nice asphalt road and a sidewalk and stuff, but closer to this. [URL="http://i.imgur.com/NrFbp.jpg"]click for picture[/URL] i dont remember the environment clearly but this is the general idea[/SPOILER]

      then i suddenly decide to waterbend. i dont know the sequence in which i did things but ill just describe what i did. i could form a tennisball-sized ball of water and control it through the air, moving it left, right, up, down, pretty fast and meters away from me, it was pretty cool. i got excited and remembered spellbee's competition but then realized that its already ended. i could also hold to 2 water droplets above my palms and i could twirl 2 fingers in opposite directions and the balls would follow. but its hard to rotate 2 fingers in opposite directions but it kind of/almost worked and the balls did make orbits above my palm.

      [SPOILER=no bending here]i was quite excited and joyful about this. at some point i tried to waveboard while running away from something (explaining that is boring so i wont). i talked partly to myself and partly to the kid who was with me and i tried to do some movement with my feet to pretend i had a waveboard but it didnt work, i also tried it with a bit of rock sticking out diagonally from the ground but it didnt work.[/SPOILER]

      sometimes i pulled water off the ground by waterbending, sometimes there were multiple droplets in the air. once, when we had pursuers, i used the snow and water on the ground to throw water at them. it was powerful enough, like in avatar the last airbender.

      [SPOILER=no bending here]this is really fun, this has a lot of potential. i want to practice bending skills and be a master mage. i want to drop lightning, make walls of fire, conjure huge amounts of water, or do mass telekenesis and stuff like that. also simpler stuff, like creating small lightshows or maybe conjuring animations that appear in front of me. also earthbending, thats fun too. stomping on the ground, making rock rise from the ground and then punching it away seems really cool. i could create elementals to accompany me. probably if im this good at summoning stuff and controlling elements, i can do pretty much anything in my direct environment.

      at the end im in a building and there is a girl who looks like mary jane from spiderman (kirsten dunst) and we dance, but i cant dance so i just hold her and franticly move left and right :P then i think something like "a lucid dream and you finally spend time with a girl, you couldnt resist huh." i ask her to teach me how to dance and i dont remember that she did, i held her a bit and i think this is either the end or very close to it.

      i think this dream lasted for 10-20 minutes, ill add 15 minutes to the counter in my signature.[/SPOILER]

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    14. Slept10hoursfeelsgoodman .jpg

      by , 01-21-2016 at 06:58 AM (Dreamerino Journalino Ginino Sanino Manino Lucidinos in my Journalino Cappuccino Expressivo Crescendo Penguino Languini Amigo Panini Kapparino Lollerino Trollerino Rhinorino Hornerino Adventurino's Ferrarini Pepperoni Mozzarello Spiceroni Ninő Casinő)
      slept at 9.30pm

      Mmkay these are my tags after 6 hours of sleep (it is near bedtime now). Thaddius, dv, chat, paladin. new mechanic, small minions, another dream in the chat someone sends some funny weird videos. I only remember the Thaddius. Vaguely. I do vaguely remember that I dreamed about the chat.

      I don't feel like making this into a story. I'm just going to copy my notes almost as they are on my phone. its a mess because when journaling i write things down quickly and with few words

      19:30 i was lucid i had to be lucid otherwise i wouldnt randomly go kissing girls (but i dont remember this, even when i woke up i didnt remember being lucid, so no points on the competition). FA in a place with lots of bed and a pretty girl in the bed next to mine. i wanted to kiss her and thought shed like it but i was too shy i think. I was in a city in paris in another dream. In another dream my uncle and his family was at our house and they had prepared dinner while i was sleeping in that very room. I got irritated and expressed it but they were like "yeah go sleep somewhere else" or something.

      It says 2 FA's in a row. so perhaps the dream where i woke up at dinner was the 2nd fa.

      we were traveling with my dad and brother in a car (no mom? i think she is in my dreams less often than my dad and my brother is the most frequent visitor of the 3) and we stopped somewhere to go to the toilet and wash hands. and people helped me with washing hands (maybe the gave me soap?).

      i remember looking in the mirror and having my face with weird dots/zits/things and my hair was wet. i think my face looked way different and not even really like my actual face. but, like, whatever, im like, yeah dreams are like pretty weird right. whatever

      That was last night.

      Here goes the earlier night.

      marc, gliding, steep hill with parents, outside at the end (weird pizza), marc bullying someone and i protect, bastiaan. orationem joining the chat while i was talking to someone. which is weird because i wasnt on a computer but just talking to someone in real life. so how can she join the chat and interrupt? (HOWCANYOU)

      i glide faster than the group, 1 girl is also pretty fast and we pass a red fluffy decent sized ball around. im ahead and higher up so its easier for me. we are friendly with each other and have a good time. in the same building there was a disco and a restaurant. i went to the disco for a few sec and at the restaurant i sat down but i think i didnt eat. i was singled out by the owner and got scolded. then i went outside. ther was a person on a weelchair and i let her go ahead in front of me at a door. outside i first went to another place before the pizza thingy. the pizza thingy guy didnt have a stand i think, he was just standing there selling it. there were multiple people there.

      before the bullying by marc in the changing room we had gym class. but i dont remember the gym class. some kids were faster than my in sliding and challenged my to go back downhill the steep hill.

      dream signs: having a good time/being friendly with a girl. my brother. relatives (uncle). dreamviews chat

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    15. Diz dream was pretty nutz

      by , 01-19-2016 at 11:21 PM (Dreamerino Journalino Ginino Sanino Manino Lucidinos in my Journalino Cappuccino Expressivo Crescendo Penguino Languini Amigo Panini Kapparino Lollerino Trollerino Rhinorino Hornerino Adventurino's Ferrarini Pepperoni Mozzarello Spiceroni Ninő Casinő)
      This way a few months to a year ago. Maybe more than a year? I'm not sure.

      This entire dream was quite vivid and colorful. Even moreso than real life. You know how animated movies are more colorful and pretty than real life, right? This dream was that way, at least the way I remember it.

      Chased by Alto and Bianco Angelo. Or maybe only a Bianco Angelo. It was throwing spears at me and i was dodging them while flying. I think they looked like Credo's spears but I'm not sure. *Now... Some stuff happened but I forgot what. Then I started flying really high and it started zooming out and there was a village or multiple villages and I was still going higher. Then I left this place and landed somewhere else.

      [URL="http://pre03.deviantart.net/9ad2/th/pre/f/2013/012/8/6/dmc4__angelo_credo_by_salliby-d5r8mjn.jpg"]Picture of Credo (in demon form) [/URL]
      [URL="http://orig04.deviantart.net/b5c0/f/2014/228/6/a/alto_angelo_by_dumbass333-d7vg9vs.jpg"]Picture of Alto Angelo[/URL]

      In a garden I think? I'm pretty sure. I ate some fruit from a plant or tree, even when I woke up I didn't remember what it looked like. But it was fresh and juicy and very tasty. Even better than a real life juicy and fresh fruit. Then there was a gate (wooden? the memory is so vague it almost feels like I am randomly guessing) and either beyond it or before it were 2 people. I think we became friends right here, I don't think we were friends before. It was a boy and a girl. They weren't siblings nor bf and gf. I don't know if they were friends before this.

      So then we had to get away from something, I don't remember what. Or maybe we didn't have to get away and I just wanted to fly. There was a carriage and I decided to let the carriage roll off whatever thing this garden was on, because it was like a like a cliff, and have my new friends hang on to me while I flew. So we did that and I either couldn't fly up because they were too heavy or I didnt want to, but I was controlling the flight downwards after we jumped off this edge off the carriage. It was like we were in between cliffs of mountains, because the way down seemed endless and there were huge rock walls around us.

      So we were falling down (but the fall was slowed because i was still using some power to fly) and occasionally I just barely dodged horizontal poles/lines/things that were just sitting there. After a bit of falling there was something sticking out of the rock wall (I think it is called a ledge) and there were people on it. There was also a little bar selling things food/drinks. So I landed there with some difficulty.

      The people here were able to fly and some were expert fliers. [SPOILER=Not flyers xD]The importance of grammer![/SPOILER]

      And I think I asked someone to teach me and he pointed to a teacher and I asked him. He either didn't respond or said no, I think. I bought something, but I may also have given him the food to get him to teach me. Then I embraced my friends and I think the dream ended as I was embracing them. At least I hope it did, that would be quite nice :)

      I woke up feeling happy, because I loved having friends and I was excited about seeing them again (in the future). I still might, since I journaled this and won't forget it anymore. I was also happy because that's what happens when you wake up from a cool dream, right?

      tags: friends. flying. vivid. colorful. ate fruit. Credo. Alto Angelo.

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