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    Diz dream was pretty nutz

    by , 01-19-2016 at 11:21 PM (768 Views)
    This way a few months to a year ago. Maybe more than a year? I'm not sure.

    This entire dream was quite vivid and colorful. Even moreso than real life. You know how animated movies are more colorful and pretty than real life, right? This dream was that way, at least the way I remember it.

    Chased by Alto and Bianco Angelo. Or maybe only a Bianco Angelo. It was throwing spears at me and i was dodging them while flying. I think they looked like Credo's spears but I'm not sure. *Now... Some stuff happened but I forgot what. Then I started flying really high and it started zooming out and there was a village or multiple villages and I was still going higher. Then I left this place and landed somewhere else.

    [URL="http://pre03.deviantart.net/9ad2/th/pre/f/2013/012/8/6/dmc4__angelo_credo_by_salliby-d5r8mjn.jpg"]Picture of Credo (in demon form) [/URL]
    [URL="http://orig04.deviantart.net/b5c0/f/2014/228/6/a/alto_angelo_by_dumbass333-d7vg9vs.jpg"]Picture of Alto Angelo[/URL]

    In a garden I think? I'm pretty sure. I ate some fruit from a plant or tree, even when I woke up I didn't remember what it looked like. But it was fresh and juicy and very tasty. Even better than a real life juicy and fresh fruit. Then there was a gate (wooden? the memory is so vague it almost feels like I am randomly guessing) and either beyond it or before it were 2 people. I think we became friends right here, I don't think we were friends before. It was a boy and a girl. They weren't siblings nor bf and gf. I don't know if they were friends before this.

    So then we had to get away from something, I don't remember what. Or maybe we didn't have to get away and I just wanted to fly. There was a carriage and I decided to let the carriage roll off whatever thing this garden was on, because it was like a like a cliff, and have my new friends hang on to me while I flew. So we did that and I either couldn't fly up because they were too heavy or I didnt want to, but I was controlling the flight downwards after we jumped off this edge off the carriage. It was like we were in between cliffs of mountains, because the way down seemed endless and there were huge rock walls around us.

    So we were falling down (but the fall was slowed because i was still using some power to fly) and occasionally I just barely dodged horizontal poles/lines/things that were just sitting there. After a bit of falling there was something sticking out of the rock wall (I think it is called a ledge) and there were people on it. There was also a little bar selling things food/drinks. So I landed there with some difficulty.

    The people here were able to fly and some were expert fliers. [SPOILER=Not flyers xD]The importance of grammer![/SPOILER]

    And I think I asked someone to teach me and he pointed to a teacher and I asked him. He either didn't respond or said no, I think. I bought something, but I may also have given him the food to get him to teach me. Then I embraced my friends and I think the dream ended as I was embracing them. At least I hope it did, that would be quite nice :)

    I woke up feeling happy, because I loved having friends and I was excited about seeing them again (in the future). I still might, since I journaled this and won't forget it anymore. I was also happy because that's what happens when you wake up from a cool dream, right?

    tags: friends. flying. vivid. colorful. ate fruit. Credo. Alto Angelo.
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    1. OpheliaBlue's Avatar
      Oh wow, that big yellow Angel dude with the giant machete was chasing you?? O_O
    2. Ginsan's Avatar
      Oh wow, that big yellow Angel dude with the giant machete was chasing you?? O_O

      yep. I don't know if he looked exactly like it, but he looked a lot like it. And he didn't have a machete but a spear and he was throwing them repeatedly. Like the dude in this video: [URL="https://youtu.be/W539id64NE0?t=160"]spear video link[/URL]