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    FA into lucid

    by , 02-06-2016 at 08:20 AM (218 Views)
    today i started the nose plug rc whenever i wake up and while journaling. since i get so many false awakenings, this is a great way to get lucid.

    i did the nose plug and i think i couldnt breathe. text on my phone looked weird and i got up and tried levitating and it worked, so i knew i was dreaming. i opened the rolluik and flew outside, it was dark. my roomw as even darker. i saw the night sky and was scared i might go really high so i landed. there were 2 black kids and the boy wasnt there when i landed. the girl had a yellow skirt and i didnt interact with her. while flying down from the window i said i am dreaming, i live in this city, my name is atilla, i am 21 years old. and then i remember thinking i wanted to find a hot girl and soon after that it ended. my voice was weird, like a double voice. like a monster or robot. this lucid dream was under 1 minute i think.

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